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Top 6 Mom Blogger Mentors

The best mom bloggers you must learn from to find success for your online business

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The best mom bloggers to learn from. #momblogger #blogging #onlinebusiness #solopreneur #wahm

Are you a new mom blogger?

Or are you thinking of starting your own blog?

Do you dream of earning thousands of dollars by working from home and still taking care of your young children?

To be honest, it is not difficult to start a blogging journey but it is not easy to build a profitable blog. Making a living out of blogging certainly takes skills, practice, and expertise.

If you are truly determined to make money from your blog, then it is most certainly helpful to learn from the most successful bloggers to have tried and tested methods!

In the age of the Internet, you can learn from anyone anywhere. In my bid to learn the most about building a profitable blogging business within the shortest time, I have subscribed to dozens of blogs and attended dozens of online courses, both free and paid, on various topics relating to the blogging industry.

I have to admit some of the courses that I attended are quite meh and I unsubscribed from
some blogs after finding them less than insightful.

I want to help new mom bloggers save time and money.

My objective is to help you save time by sieving through the overwhelming amount of blogging resources online and sharing with you the most successful mom bloggers whom I have benefited so greatly learning from them in the past year.

Are you ready?

Here is a list of the top 8 blogging mentors whom I have learned greatly from, despite never having met them face to face.

The list is arranged according to the chronological sequence of which I signed up for their mailing lists in the past year.

I have found their resources, courses and teachings extremely helpful.

I hope you will also be able to learn from these successful bloggers and you a leap in building a profitable blog as you focus on the right blogger mentors to learn from.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I only share with you what I have used and truly love!

My favorite super mom bloggers and why I adore them. The best mom bloggers to learn from. #blogging #momblogger #wahm #solopreneur #newblogger

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1. Ruth Soukup - Elite Blog Academy

To be honest, I didn’t think very much about Ruth Soukup when I first bought her Blogging Bundle. *nervous laughter*

It wasn’t difficult to decide to get the Blogging Bundle at $7. I went through Ruth’s “Blogging 101 Workbook” and “Blog Planner” but somehow, I didn’t feel inspired. I felt like there wasn’t much content in it. (Muffled gasps in the audience)

I now realize that back then, I was this ignorant blogger wannabe who didn’t know who Ruth Soukup really is! How big her presence and influence is on the internet and in the circle of mom bloggers! *totally embarrassed*

On hindsight, I wasn’t ready to learn the correct ropes back then.

I had my ideals and dreams about setting up a blog and making money online but I wasn’t open-minded enough to go through Ruth’s resources and really sit down and fill in all the questions in her workbook..

What a big mistake that was!

I bought Ruth Soukup’s Blogging Bundle in late March 2018. But it wasn’t until only a month ago that I printed out all the resources that I have from Ruth and Elite Blog Academy!

What was my trigger?

Because I couldn’t afford to sign up for Elite Blog Academy.

In case you weren’t aware, Elite Blog Academy is only open once a year and registration takes place for five days only!

Each day I received Ruth’s email appealing to me to sign up for EBA. I read through her emails, I read all the amazing testimonies from other mom bloggers, and I was really sold!

But the big problem was, I really didn’t have enough money to sign up for the EBA course. Even the monthly payments were not an option for me.

March 2019 would mark one year of my blogging venture. I’ve had some successes through Google Ads, selling my printable planners, and skyrocketing my blog traffic through Pinterest.

But my growth wasn’t enough and I knew I had to do something about it. I knew EBA would very likely be my golden ticket!

Since I couldn’t pay to sign up for Ruth’s EBA course, I decided I would print out and go through every single one of her resource that I have and hold on to her words of wisdom!

And I’m so glad I did!

Ruth’s “How to Blog of Profit (Without Selling Your Soul)” is a gem!

It’s jam-packed with incredibly useful information that will greatly benefit new mom bloggers and also those who have been struggling with monetizing their blogs.

Ruth Soukup is not just any blogger with a profitable blog. She is most certainly a professional blogger with a keen business acumen.

Her blogging business is well-established and she and her team produce wonderful and high-quality products like their Living Well Planner. She also runs her own podcast titled Do It Scared.

Ruth has created a highly recognizable brand for herself and grown a huge following over the years.

I am most impressed by Ruth's persuasiveness. She writes very compelling emails and seems to know exactly what to say that will strike at your heart.

I got Ruth’s “Irresistible Email” course through Ultimate Bundle’s Genius Blogger Toolkit 2018. And....I kept it in my inbox until only recently! *sheepish grin*

I have learned many practical tips and insights through the Irresistible Email course which provides actionable advice that can be referred to again as I grow in my emailing skills.
Knowing what and how to email your subscribers is an important key in building a profitable blogging business.
After all, one certainly needs to constantly sharpen your sword in order to make a precise cut every single time.

I promise to be honest to you, which is why I’m admitting all my mistakes of procrastination!

So please, if you come across any Ruth Soukup’s free resources or special promotions, grab them and dive into them immediately if you really want to see your blog business grow!

If you see your blogging journey as a business venture, then you most definitely want to learn from a shrewd businesswoman who is well established and experienced in multiple aspects.

Stick around for more detailed reviews of Ruth Soukup’s courses!

2. Elna Cain - Twins Mommy

I came across Elna’s Twins Mommy blog when I was searching on how to use Pinterest to increase traffic for my blog.

I was immediately won over by how beautiful and Pinterest-perfect Elna's blog is. I didn't hesitate in paying for her Pinterest Perfection Masterclass because I believe that she really knows her Pinning business well.

It most definitely helped that Elna's Pinterest Perfection Masterclass is really affordable.
The funny thing is, sometimes we tend to assume that highly priced items must be worth a lot of
value, and the affordable ones might not be.
Yet the truth is, Elna's course contains a lot of value in providing highly useful and actionable tips on utilizing Pinterest for your blogging business.

What I admire most about Elna is how sincere and down-to-earth she is and her willingness to share.

Elna has been very responsive with relevant advice on her Mom to Mompreneur facebook group. I have benefited greatly from the honest sharing and kind support from the other mom bloggers in the community too!

Furthermore, Elna is a mom blogger managing her online business and taking care of her kids at the same time, which I totally admire and aspire to become.

If you desire to build a beautiful blog that can attract a lot of traffic using Pinterest, then you definitely have to learn from Elna. She knows Pinterest extremely well and has a proven track record in using Pinterest to build a successful online business.

In addition, I have done quite a bit of research on various bloggers who are also selling Pinterest-related courses.

If you look at the Pinterest profile of some of these Pinterest course creators, their monthly Pinterest viewers are less than 500K.

Yes, many established bloggers will tell you that Pinterest high monthly unique views do not necessarily translate to a huge blog traffic.

But if you are a blogger selling a course on how to use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic, shouldn’t your Pinterest monthly views be high? A high Pinterest monthly viewership would mean that the blogger is still very active on Pinterest and is putting their words into action.

Elna is one of the very few Pinterest course creators who currently has very high Pinterest monthly views (1.4million) and a huge Pinterest following (over 34,000!).

This tells me that the Pinterest methods that Elna teaches really work. And she truly knows her stuff because she’s totally on top of the game!

Do check out Elna's Pinterest Perfection Masterclass here.

3. Laura Smith - I Heart Planners

The freebies that Laura offers on her site are absolutely irresistible! Laura is a very talented lady and she definitely has a knack for designing.
She has produced countless beautiful and practical creations in the form of printables. It is absolutely difficult not to fall in love them.
The best part is, she even shows you how to make them!

I got Laura’s “How to Create Your Own Printables” course through the Genius Blogger Toolkit 2018. To be honest, I actually decided to purchase the Genius Blogger Toolkit because I really wanted to attend Laura's course!

It was certainly not a disappointment. Laura is not only a brilliant designer, she is also a wonderful teacher.

In her “How to Create Your Own Printables” course, Laura goes into a lot of details and presents very clearly in a step-by-step manner how you can easily use your Excel to create beautiful printables.

Laura has certainly provided very useful tips in using the Excel and I greatly benefitted from that!

I was then equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to create my own printables that have been generating a lot of blog subscribers who love my creations and have even sold some in my shop!

If designing your own printables to give away as freebies and lead magnets on your blog is something you want to do, then you must definitely learn from the best in this niche.

It is undeniable that when it comes to designing and making use of various printables for a wide variety of purposes and occasions, Laura is definitely the expert to go to.

Check out Laura's How to Create Your Own Printables course here!

6 highly successful mom bloggers whom you must learn from. #momblogger #blogging #bloggingtips #sidehustle #wahm

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4. Chelsea Clarke - Her Paper Route

I got Chelsea’s “A Micro-Influencer Handbook” course through the Genius Blogger Toolkit 2018 (yes, this again!) and I have to say that it was a mind-blowing learning experience!

The course is jam-packed with much wisdom and many practical tips coming from a very experienced (and gorgeous!) businesswoman who certainly knows her blogging business inside out!
The course is an absolutely wonderful guide that covers a wide range of blogging essential know-hows — from the technical aspects of setting up a blog, to utilizing social media to build your online presence and business, to pitching to brands to become their ambassadors according to your niche.

The Micro-influencer Handbook course is a must-have especially for all newbie bloggers! It really provides great insights and very useful information and guidance that you can keep referring to as you build your blog and business.

This course is probably one of the most comprehensive and well-structured course that I have come across.
There is no doubt that Chelsea truly knows her stuff and is a distinctive blogger in her niche. I love it that her emails and course provide so much information and value, and she still comes across as sincere and humble despite her immense success.

If you want to learn from a highly experienced blogger with proven track record of success and a full grasp of developing an online business in all aspects, you most certainly want to learn from Chelsea and “A Micro-Influencer Handbook” here.

In addition, if you are a completely new blogger and worried about the technical aspects of setting up a Wordpress blog, Chelsea can totally help you with that!

I recently have plans to do a site migration and wanted to start a new Wordpress account. So I took on Chelsea's Website in a Box service! It's completely free!

Chelsea was super responsive in the emails that we exchanged and set up my new Wordpress site in a really short time! She also offered many resources to help me with the technical know-hows of using Wordpress.


Chelsea's Website in a Box service most certainly illustrates her skills and expertise in Wordpress and reinforces that she really knows her stuff when she teaches others to build a profitable blog. 

5. Sarah Titus -

Sarah Titus has the most amazing and inspiring story for all moms out there!

She always so genuinely shares her personal experiences and how her faith motivates her and is the main driving force of her business. I am always excited to see Sarah's emails in my inbox!

Sarah's niche is in selling gorgeous planners on her Shopify store. Her "Million Dollar Shop" course will teach you exactly how to build a Shopify store that can provide you with an immense income!

I am still in the middle of the Million Dollar Shop course and will most certainly provide a detailed review when I have completed it. So stay tuned!

I also deeply admire Sarah for her dedication to her craft, constantly producing new amazing works. Furthermore, she comes across as a really generous and big-hearted lady.

Couple the wonderful personality with great expertise makes Sarah a truly worthy professional blogger mentor to learn from.

Just so you know, I am finding Sarah's Million Dollar Shop course to be filled with awesome tips and detailed step by step guide on creating a Shopify store. She also has wonderful recommendations on the type of products to sell that will be profitable for you.

As much as I find Sarah's course highly valuable and informative, it might not be suitable for everyone, especially if you are a new blogger on a really tight budget.

Also, you might probably want to build a blog with a steady stream of traffic before selling your products. It's better to have a ready audience to sell to than to set up a store with lots of products but no audience to pitch the sales to.

I have learned that in my own hard way, losing quite a number of blog subscribers. But that's a story for another day.

I still truly believe that Sarah Titus is an incredible blogger mentor to learn from if you are ready to dedicate your time and resources into building an online store!

I recently completed Sarah's "How To Create Printables" course and it was incredibly informative! Her amazing tips have helped me create my first wall art on Photoshop Elements in under 30 minutes!

Did I tell you I was completely new to Photoshop?

That's just how fantastic and empowering Sarah's course is! If you want to create gorgeous and practical printables for your blog readers, or even just as a hobby, you have to learn from this professional who totally knows her stuff!

But if you aren't quite ready yet, I would still strongly recommend that you get on Sarah's mailing list! She generously gives away so many awesome freebies and offers special discounts to her subscribers!

6. Kara Fidd - Simplifying DIY Design

Kara is an amazing mom blogger with a distinctive niche of her own.  

She is brilliant at design and has created dozens of beautiful and functional templates that are incredibly useful for me and many other bloggers!

When you get your hands dirty into this blogging business, you will soon realize that there is SO MUCH to do other than just writing!

Therefore, Kara is a complete life-saver with her wonderful templates!

I first came across Kara's templates in the Genius Blogger Toolkit 2018 (Yes, I love Ultimate Bundles!) It was the "Editable Canva Workbook Template". I looked through it and saw how easy it was to create a new workbook of my own that I could use as a lead magnet for my blog or sell as part of a course!

Subsequently, I bought Kara's "The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit" and I'm totally loving it!

Kara's templates will take away all your fears and worries about creating beautiful designs. There are so many variations in each template to choose from. And from there, you can just plug in your own pictures, change the fonts and color here and there, and voila! Beautiful masterpieces created in minutes!

Just imagine the hours Kara's templates will save you in creating different products for your blog. From pins for your posts, to email banner images, to printables that you can use as lead magnets, Kara has templates for them all!

Just last week, I created a media kit in less than thirty minutes to send to an online advertizing agent who reached out to me for partnership opportunities!

By presenting a beautifully designed media kit about my blog, I am sure I have scored points for professionalism! All thanks to Kara's "The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit"

Furthermore, not only does Kara's courses provide you with many useful templates for your online business, she also teaches you how to use Canva skillfully!

I've also had the wonderful opportunity to interact with Kara directly on her Facebook group specially created for users of "The Product Creator's Ultimate Toolbox". I am absolutely won over by Kara's absolutely lovely and encouraging personality!

Not sure if being a mom blogger is really your thing?

My biggest advice for new mom bloggers

You see, the thing about mom bloggers is that all of us have a unique story to share. Each of us also has our special talents and experience that we can add to the table.

My sincere advice to you is not don't forget to see past the monetization and business aspects of blogging.

There are really genuine and successful mom bloggers out there who are truly willing to help you find success! And these 6 are my top favorites!

What you need to do now

As you can see, each of these mentors have their distinctive traits and expertise. I understand that it might be difficult to start diving into all these amazing courses at once. So you would need to make some plans and prioritize what you want to do about your blog now and in the next three to six months for a start.

Then take action, pick 2 or 3, if not all, of these top mom bloggers and learn from them! Don't procrastinate!

If I had dived into Ruth's "How to Blog for Profit" when I first bought it a year ago, I think my blog would probably be more successful by now.

But it's okay! I know it's still not too late for me! And I'm just really glad I started taking all these courses seriously.

My sincere wish for you is that you don't repeat my mistakes! Keep an open mind and be all ready to learn from all of the above amazing mom bloggers!

I hope you are as excited to learn new skills and knowledge that will jump start your blog business, as I am as excited presenting you this wonderful list!

Please remember that if you want build your own profitable blog business, what better way to speed up your pursuit of success than to learn from those who have already savored the sweetness of it?

So do you have a favorite mom blogger mentor too? Is she in this list? Or who do you want to learn from the most? Share with me in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you!

The Genius Blogger Toolkit 2018

Notice how many of the above incredible courses I have attended came from the Genius Blogger Toolkit 2018?

If you a new mom blogger and you seriously want to learn all the necessary tips and tricks to build a profitable blog without breaking your bank for the courses, sign up to receive first-hand news when this Flash Sale is up!

Don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to get access to all these successful blogger mentors, like I did, at a very affordable price!

Sign up for a free product launch planner and get updated when the Genius Blogger Toolkit sale is on!

Secrets to Success Selling planner. Product launch planner for mom bloggers #productcreators #mombloggers #solopreneurs #wahm #sidehustle

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