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Book Recommendation: Unseen

Author: Sara Hagerty

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In the world of social media where we so often put up posts and photos of our lives onto a public platform to be shared and "liked", many of us start putting up a front, skewing others' perspectives of us based on our social media posts so that we could be more popular or feel more important. But is that what God really desires of us?

Is it really important that we have a lot of social media friends who "like" our posts?

What happens during the mundane moments of the day where we are stuck behind our laptops working the night away to rush for deadlines; or when we have to do the laundry for the 3rd time of the week, and getting mind-numbed by other household chores which are important yet unseen and unappreciated?

I have been struggling with feeling recognised and appreciated since I had my third child. I practically had to put my work on hold because I had to take care of the baby. The princess seems especially stubborn and sticky to me, and totally refused to take milk by the bottle. She would scream at the top of her lungs when my mum tried to offer her the milk bottle. She was also nursing about every 1-1.5 hours up to when she was 3 months old, so there was hardly time for me to do anything in between. Subsequently, even as her milk feeds reduced frequencies, it was still challenging for my mum to care for her so the few times I tried to go for work appointments, I brought my baby along. And most of the times I was just "stuck" at home.

It's certainly not easy to be a stay-home-mum. Contrary to popular belief, SAHMs have a lot to do at home! It was especially tiring when there's various household chores to do on top of taking care of the child. I was slowly developing bitterness and resentment with the feeling of being "tied down" by my child. Where's my freedom? Where's the value in all these mundane and mind-numbing housework? So this book, "Unseen" came at the perfect time for me.

I have been very blessed by Sara Hagerty's authentic sharing, and I believe a lot mothers also share the same journey. I strongly recommended this book for stay home mums who question their "market value" for all their unseen work done at home; and also for working mums who put in so much effort in the workplace and yet feel unseen and undervalued because of their family commitments.

Be blessed by God's Grace and unceasing Love knowing that even if the world may not see us, God always sees, always cares and always values us.

MumEntrepreneur Rating: 4.5/5

Unseen is available in paperback, kindle and even audio version. Click on the picture below to purchase.

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