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Don't Always Trust Dr. Google

#89 of 100 Days of Wisdom and Encouragement for the New Mum

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We have the world of information at our fingertips these days. It's so easy to google about practically anything under the sun. When it comes to seeing something amiss in our baby, like some rashes, common cold, fever, or any other types of symptoms, it's very common for mummies to google about our child's condition.

There is definitely a lot of useful information that we can find on the internet, but it is important that we verify the credibility of the source of information.

A lot of times, reading one article can lead to another and another, and before we know it, we are lost in a huge amount of information. It's easy to get confused or even frightened by what we read. Before trying out any recommended home or herbal remedy with the purpose of alleviating certain symptoms in our child, we need to exercise a lot of discernment. It's always best to consult a medical professional, especially when your baby is under six months. Do remember, what works for other children as stated in online articles may not necessarily work for your child. Also, most of the time the article might not give you the complete picture that is essential in confirming whether the stated remedies are really suitable to be adapted for your child's situation.

If there's any slightest doubt, always consult a medical professional. It's not worth taking chances and risking the well-being of your child. This is also why it's essential to cover your child with a comprehensive accident and hospitalization insurance so that medical costs would not be a stumbling block to prevent you bringing your child to seek appropriate treatment.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. – James 1:5

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