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Enrichment: MMA, Taekwondo, Swimming

(Part I)

Where to attend complimentary trial lessons

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During the December holidays last year, I made extensive planning on what to do with my children and where to bring them. I also wanted to them to experience new activities and find out what might interest them and if they would like to attend any enrichment classes. Enrichment programmes are not just confined to academic subjects, but also activities that help promote greater physical fitness or arts appreciation. But the thing with young children is, they want to explore different things and enjoy novelty. So it is hard to tell which enrichment activity can sustain their interest for the long run. It is also hard to decide what course to commit to for several months at a stretch without having a taste of what's in store for the children. Hence, look for FREE trial classes!

1. Evolve MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Most of the instructors at Evolve MMA have champion titles on their belts. So if you are learning from them, you can be assured that you are indeed learning from one of the best in the field. My boys donned their Gis for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Little Samurai), and also tried their hands on Muay Thai (Little Warrior). When I first enquired about their complimentary trial class, I was told that the youngest classes are for ages 4-6. My younger son only turned 3 in October, but they were very kind to allow him to join in the trial class because I mentioned that I was looking for a class that could accommodate both boys at the same time.

Both boys could follow the instructions rather easily at the jiu-jitsu class. The pace was fast, and it was an intensive session. Even though the instructors looked intimidating, they were actually very approachable and patient, especially with my 3yo. He was the youngest in the class and had difficulty carrying out some of the actions required, but they patiently guided him and constantly encouraged him. The children had to do kicks and rolls and were taught how to defend themselves and escape if sometime tried to restrain them on the ground.

There were a lot of kicking, boxing and jumping for the Muay Thai session. My 3yo wasn't very adept at jumping over an obstacle and it held back all the children who were supposed to take turns. I was impressed at how everybody patiently waited behind him without rushing him to jump. One older boy eventually lifted my son over the obstacle and everyone cheered. Such team spirit! However, barely 10 minutes into the class, and the instructors kindly requested that I pull my 3yo out of the trial class because he wasn't able to do most of the actions required.

We attended the trial class at POMO Mall. The monthly fees were over $300 per child for unlimited sessions per week. There were Little Samurai and Little Warrior sessions back to back on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Each session is 45 minutes. If your child can attend all 8 sessions every week, that would make it about $10 per session.

Conclusion: A very positive and energetic environment. A great place for children to expend their energy. But if you are unable to maximise the "unlimited" sessions offered, I find it rather pricey.

For More information, check out their website

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