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Enrichment: Piano for Kids

Little Bee'thoven School of Arts & Music

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Last December, as I was looking for various enrichment trial classes for my boys 3 and 5 years old, I came across vouchers offering trial classes at very low rates on Fave (previously known as Groupon). I bought the voucher at $35 for 4 sessions of individual piano lessons for 2 pax, running 30 minutes each. It was really an awesome deal!

The piano lessons are conducted by Ms Lyn Saelin at

Little Bee'thoven School of Arts & Music.


183, Jalan Pelikat (near Kovan and Hougang)

It wasn't easy finding music instrumental lessons for 3 year olds. I found several other schools offering music appreciation classes for 1.5 years to 3 years, and instrumental lessons only for 4 years and above. So I was really excited that both my boys could try out piano lessons together!

The school premise is not big, yet very cosy and brightly decorated. What struck me most was how Ms Lyn was so patient with my boys. Any parent would know that it's no easy feat to get their 3 and 5 year olds (boys especially) to sit still at the piano for 30 minutes. My 5 yo certainly fared much better. The younger brother was very easily distracted and didn't take instructions that well. Yet Ms Lyn patiently persisted and warmly engaged my son's attention and also held his hands to guide him with playing the keys. I was really impressed by her cool demeanour because watching my 3 yo fidgeting and not taking the instructions well, made me irritated yet amused by his antics.

During the 4 lessons of trial class as part of the Fave voucher package, Ms Lyn only requested that I purchase a music notebook. I was very impressed at how she could draw piano keys and musical notes on the notebook, even adding colours, stickers and adorable animal doodles as she teaches along. She shows much dedication and interest in engaging me as the parent, advising me to commit to daily 5-10 minute practices with my boys to cultivate a habit and interest in the instrument.

After the trial lessons, I decided to let my boys continue with the lessons because they have showed to be interested in learning the instrument and find the sessions enjoyable. It is also important to me that the lessons are reasonably priced and the location is rather near to our home. I also very much appreciate how flexible Ms Lyn is in allowing my boys to share a 30 minute weekly session because of their short attention span. Even with only 20 minutes each time, my 5 yo can learn 2 new pieces each week and has really shown much improvement over 3 months. He can now play over 10 short tunes of nursery rhymes. My 3yo, even though not as adept in reading the musical notes, can play a few short tunes by memory. For that, I'm really proud of my boys and very thankful for the patient guidance by the instructor.

Apart from conducting music lessons, Ms Lyn is also a very talented artist and conducts art classes for kids too.

If you do decide to sign up lessons at Little Bee'thoven School of Arts & Music, quote "ForMummiesByMummy" to enjoy $10 off your child's first month lesson fees.

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