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Every Child is Unique

#94 of 100 Days of Wisdom and Encouragement for the New Mum

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As a new mum, it's very easy to see your child as special – the cutest, the prettiest, the most handsome, and the list goes on. They are definitely one of a kind and extraordinary to you. But as they grow and start going to preschool, or as you take them to more play dates with your friends' children, new worries might start creeping in.

Is my child less active than their peers?

Is their speech development delayed?

Are their motor skills up to par with their peers?

Inevitably we might start making various comparisons between our child and the other children we come across. Sometimes we find ourselves beaming with pride if our little one seems more advanced than their peers. Other times we start thinking how we can speed up their development or start worrying if our child has certain disabilities. Really, we mummies just need learn to relax!

Every child is unique. This applies to their personality, temperament, preferences, methods of expression, talents, and interests. 

We need to keep in mind that our child is unique and has every right to be different from their peers.

It also means they could be different from their siblings, who share genes from the same parents. Not to forget, they may have very different temperaments and ambitions from you, even if they are your very own flesh and blood!

It may be hard to accept if our child seems to deviate from social norms. But as parents, if we don't love and accept them for who they really are, how can we expect the rest of society to do so? May we be their cheerleader and greatest source of comfort and strength; and a bridge between them and the society at large. May we appreciate our child for who they are, including all their quirks and eccentricities. After all, didn't we think the world of them when we first held them in our arms? Why should that ever change even as they grow older?

Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister. – Romans 14:13
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