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Family-friendly: A Visit to the Fire Station

SCDF Fire Station Open House

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The Singapore Civil Defence Force opens up most of its fire stations every Saturday from 9.00 am to 11.00am for public visitation. If you are going in groups fewer than 10 people, simply walk in during the open house hours! No prior registration is required.

Do give yourself about 45 minutes to an hour to spend at the fire station, depending on how many visitors are present. It's advisable to reach before 1030am so that you can have a more complete tour, even though there are no fixed tour timings stated. We reached at 1050am and the firemen were already packing up after the previous group had left. But Mr Fireman was still very kind to give us a detailed tour. However, we did miss out on getting hands-on with operating the fire hose.

My boys were very excited to be at the fire station looking at real fire trucks up close. They even got to sit in the Red Rhino! Mr Fireman was very patient in explaining the different compartments of the fire engine and the purposes of the different equipment that they have. The boys were not only ones intrigued; it was an eye-opener for the adults as well.

looking at the fire engine at scdf fire station open house
boy and fire bike at scdf fire station open house
looking at the huge fire truck at scdf fire station open house

Mr Fireman patiently listened and answered my 5yo's incessant questions

looking at different fire hoses at scdf fire station open house

Mr Fireman explaining to my boys the different types of hoses

checking out the red rhino at scdf fire station open house

Mr Fireman showing my boys the Red Rhino

boys sitting in the red rhino at scdf fire station open house

Boys very pleased to be sitting in the Red Rhino

boys with mr fireman at scdf fire station open house

Boys were happy to receive a plastic fireman hat and posing with the very friendly Mr Fireman!

All SCDF fire stations are open on Saturdays for public visits except:

  • Banyan Fire Station
  • Brani Marine Fire Station
  • Jurong Island Fire Station
  • Marina Bay Fire Station
  • Sentosa Fire Station
  • Tuas Fire Station
  • Tuas View Fire Station
  • West Coast Marine Fire Station

So do something different this Saturday morning and bring your kids to see your friendly neighbourhood Mr Fireman!

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