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Family-friendly: Canopy Garden Dining

A nice place for brunch, close to nature and with a great view

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I know of many families who enjoy bringing their children out to fancy restaurants or nice places for brunch during the weekends. The truth is, my family isn't one of them. But my husband decided to bring us out for a nice brunch meal on a weekday last week because it was my birthday. The boys had to go to school at noon and we needed to fill up their tummies before sending them to school. So the hubs decided to do something out of our ordinary, and brought us all to Canopy Garden Dining at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park.


The place wasn't exactly empty even on a weekday morning, but we were only patrons with young children. We have dined at Canopy before with some friends but it was some time ago. We were pleasantly during our visit that the kids menu came free with each adult main course ordered. The kids menu prices ranged from $6 to $10. Beverages are priced separately.


We ordered two main courses -- a smoked salmon wrap and a crabmeat aglio olio, and added 2 of the kids' breakfast sets. The kids' breakfast set was a rather generous serving and was certainly too much for my 3yo and 5yo. They each enjoyed different items in the set. My 5yo loved the ham and scrambled eggs, my 3yo enjoyed the toast and hashbrown. The smoked salmon wrap was very tasy and filling despite it's seemingly small size. The crabmeat aglio olio gave a generous serving of crabmeat, along with the al dente spaghetti, made a really satisfying meal. The mocha was also aromatic and creamy, not too sweet, with a good blend of chocolate and coffee. On top of that, the peace and tranquility at the restaurant on a weekday morning with a scenic garden view made the whole brunch experience very relaxing and therapeutic.

smoked salmon wrap at canopy garden dining

Wrap with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado and alfalfa. The proportion of each ingredient is just right that the blend of tastes is really wonderful. I thought the serving looks small at first, but it turned out to be very filling.

kids breakfast set at canopy garden dining

Kids breakfast set with ham, toast, scrambled eggs and hashbrown, worth $10, but came free with a main course ordered for an adult.

boy eating hashbrown at canopy garden dining

My 3yo enjoying his hashbrown

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