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Family-Friendly: National Gallery

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National Gallery is an awesome place to bring young children. It's fully air-conditioned, with plenty of parking spaces underground, and admission is free! The exhibits change every several months and the huge spaces are a joy for the little ones to explore and run around. Weekdays are a great time to bring the children there because there's hardly any crowd. But there are a lot more structured family activities on Saturdays, great for family-bonding!

I recently brought my children to the National Gallery, specifically the Keppel Centre for Art education. My boys have been there for several times already but they still enjoy it very much. It was the first time my 1yo daughter visited the place, and now that she's fully capable of walking around on her own, she had so much fun exploring and playing with her brothers!

boys posing at national gallery

Boys trying their best to pose in the huge window boxes, a favourite spot for instagrammers

keppel art centre at national gallery

At The Blue Who Swims All This Way by artist Betty Susiarjo.

There are various designs of sea creatures on the wall. The children use their imagination to guess the sea creatures and explore different textures and materials.

 children talking and listening through pipes

Exploring Tang Ling Nah's Wandering in Black and White.

There were pipes for them to explore sound travel, speaking and listening to each other from different ends of the pipes.

building imaginary cities at national gallery

My boys also had fun using the blocks available to build their own imaginary cities.

shadow play at national gallery

There were also spotlights cast on the walls where the children have fun doing a shadow dance.

There were low wall structures and steps which my children enjoyed going under, and climbing up and down.

national gallery

Children designing and colouring people on the computer kiosks and had fun seeing their creations appear on the wall.

There was also a workshop to make virtual ceramic pots. It's great for young children to exercise their creativity and work on their dexterity.

children playing with magnetic blocks at national gallery

My son built a robot with the magnetic blocks on the wall while my daughter was amazed with all the colourful magnets and enjoyed moving them all around. 

Read on to find out more on National Gallery.

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