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Family-friendly: Paw Patrol at United Square

June Holiday event at United Square

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My children absolutely adore Paw Patrol. It's their favorite cartoon! I have to admit I very much enjoy watching Paw Patrol too! The pups are very adorable and I think the producers have done a great job in expanding the series by coming up with Sea Patrol, Air Patrol and Mission Paw. Think of all the different merchandise that can be spun off from all these! Ka-ching, Ka-ching, go the cashiers at Toy 'R' Us. Well, the stores at US have closed down, but the ones in Singapore still seem to be earning big bucks!

Last December, there was Paw Patrol 'live' on stage at United Square. This June, they were back again at United Square, with Rubble joining in!

paw patrol 'live' on stage at united square

My boys were very excited to watch the performance and were dressed for the occasion!

paw patrol 'live' on stage at united square

Waiting patiently for the pups to come on stage!

paw patrol 'live' on stage at united square

Ryder did a rather impressive of singing 'live' and dancing at the same time. My daughter loves watching the Paw Patrol cartoon on TV but she was rather stunned to see the life-sized ones on stage. Perhaps it's because they were towering over her and even taller than Ryder, unlike the cute little pups she sees on TV. =P

paw patrol 'live' on stage at united square
paw patrol 'live' on stage at united square

I think it's a great idea to bring children to watch such 'live' performances on stage. The shows are usually very engaging and fun because they get the children to get on their feet to dance or do some movements. It can be fun for the adults to watch too! More importantly, the shows are FREE! But if you want to get a photo opportunity with the characters, simply plan ahead for some grocery shopping or errands to be done before the show, so that you can use the receipt to redeem for the meet-and-greet pass!

paw patrol 'live' on stage at united square

My boys were so excited to hug and give their favorite pups high-fives!

paw patrol 'live' on stage at united square
paw patrol 'live' on stage at united square

It was a Paw-some day at United Square! =)

To stay updated on events happening at United Square, checkout their facebook page here.

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