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Family-friendly: PIPS PLAYBox at Esplanade

A dedicated space for children to discover, imagine and play!

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Do you know that there is a designated play space for children and families at the Esplanade? It's called the PIPS PLAYBox located on Level 4! It's essentially at the rooftop level of Esplanade. There is also a nursing room right outside PIPS PLAYBox.

The place is brightly lit and spacious. There are also craft materials which are changed every one to two weeks. The materials are free for visitors to use and create their crafts which they can bring home. But it's all DIY, so you would certainly need to assist and supervise your little ones, especially those under 3 years old.

PIPS PLAYBox at the Esplanade

I love the high ceiling and well-lit area with sunlight coming in through the huge windows.

PIPS PLAYBox at the Esplanade

My boys were very focused on their craft. They made a pocket watch craft as a Father's Day gift and also colored and cut out a party hat to celebrate Esplanade's 15th Anniversary.

PIPS PLAYBox at the Esplanade
PIPS PLAYBox at the Esplanade

My son playing with the puppy puppet, and the kids had fun exploring the area which was really well-kept and thoughtfully constructed for the safety and enjoyment of young children.

PIPS PLAYBox at the Esplanade
PIPS PLAYBox at the Esplanade

There were a lot of books written by local authors available for browsing. There were also train tracks and building blocks for creative play.

There were hidden murals in the closets, which created pleasant surprises for the kids when they explored the area and opened up the different closets.

PIPS PLAYBox at the Esplanade

There was also a small enclosed space up a short flight of stairs which my boys referred to as the treehouse. There is nothing in that enclosed area, but certainly a good spot to bring up some cushions available and cosy up to read some books with your children.

suzette at the Esplanade

After all the fun time at PIPS PLAYBox, we headed over to Suzette, a small cafe at the Esplanade facing the waterfront. It's a small cafe and they offer 10% discount for PIPS members. 

suzette at the esplanade
Suzette at the Esplanade

A very pretty and delectable serving of waffle and two scoops of ice cream with fresh strawberries by the side! Yums! My children totally enjoyed this sweet treat. However, I wouldn't call Suzette as a family-friendly cafe because there are no high-chairs available. The friendly staff did offer us more cushions to prop the kids up higher for them to eat at the table. But as much as I was enjoying the waffle and ice cream, I was also very worried about my daughter falling off the chair.

PIPS PLAYBox at the Esplanade

Yet another fun day out with the three little kiddos!

PIPS PLAYBox Opening Hours:

Esplanade Level 4
Opening hours: 11am – 6pm daily
Closed for cleaning: 2pm – 3pm daily*

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