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Family-friendly: So Ramen

Yummilicious ramen at a very affordable price

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My husband and I love Japanese Ramen. Our favourite used to be Marutama. But it has since been replaced by So Ramen! We frequent the outlet at Velocity at Novena. The ramen broth is rich and tasty. The thick slices of meat are tender and juicy. The egg is runny and at the perfect texture between being soft and hard-boiled. The best part is you can enjoy a delicious bowl of ramen at only $9.90! Most other ramen places price each bowl from around $13 - $15, and you most likely still need to top up $1 for the awesome egg. The first time I ate at So Ramen, I was expecting a small serving given the price. However, it was a standard serving size and extremely satisfying!

Subsequently we also brought our children to have lunch at So Ramen. My boys absolutely love the tasty broth! Even my 15 mo daughter enjoys the noodles and the tender pork slices. I strongly recommend the Toroniku (pork cheek) option because the meat slices are much leaner than the Cha Chu and Buta Kakuni options, but still very tender. The place is relatively spacious and typically not too crowded. Service staff are efficient and friendly, and very considerate to customers with young children.

tonkotsu ramen at so ramen

TORONIKU UOBUSHI TONKOTSU RAMEN (with Pork Cheek slices) $9.90

spicy tonkotsu ramen at so ramen

TORONIKU SPICY TONKOTSU RAMEN (with pork cheek slices) $10.90

So Ramen can be found at:

  • Bedok mall
  • Velocity @ novena
  • Nex
  • Breadtalk IHQ
  • Resorts World Sentosa
For more information: check out So Ramen
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