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Family-friendly: The Artground

A curious place to be

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I like indoor places that are fully air-conditioned, with spaces huge enough for my children to safely run around and be occupied for 1-2 hours. Best of all, admission to the place is free! Where can you find such a place? I recommend to you - The Artground!

I think The Artground is like a combination of an art museum and an indoor playground. Exhibits are changed two to three times a year. It allows children to get their hands on artistic creations, explore different displays and structures, engaging in active play.

the artground

This was how the place looked like in December 2017, when I first brought my boys to The Artground. The exhibit has since changed, but the huge spiral structure still remains. My boys had a lot of fun running up and down the spiral path. The place is very suitable for toddlers to explore and have fun. A lot of indoor playgrounds allow free admission or provide discounted rates for toddlers under 2 years old. But with the bigger children running around, it doesn't feel very safe for your little one to explore unless you bring her on a weekday afternoon where it isn't crowded. I find that The Artground is spacious enough for big kids to have fun, without being in close proximity to the little ones.

boy exploring different textures at the artground

There is a small section where children can explore different materials and textures. These may be common household items, but not the usual items which we would get our children to touch and use at home. So it is a good opportunity for them to safely explore and work on the dexterity of their little hands.

children exploring the artground
boys exploring cellophane frames at the art ground

There were some cellophane frames which the children can use to explore creating colorful shadows on the wall.

boys playing a hug ball at the artground

A gigantic ball made up of different types of clothes with varying textures.

boy on slide at the artground
boy at the artground

There were some wooden structures shaped like small hills which the children enjoyed climbing up and sliding down the slopes, and also crawling through the tunnels. A great way to expend their energy!

boys on a big slide at the artground

There was a huge sloped wooden wall by the side that acts as a gigantic slide. Even my 1 yo had so much fun sliding down! A simple outing yet so much fun!

little girl having fun on the slide at the artground

Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road
Block J #01-40
Singapore 439053


Wednesday – Thursday 9.30am – 5 pm

Friday – Sunday & selected Public Holidays 9.30am – 6 pm *Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Find out more about The Artground here.

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