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Family-friendly: The Artground (100 and 100 More Festival)

A curious place to be

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Huge, spacious indoor location, fully air-conditioned, with free admission! Where to go? What to do? Bring your kids to the Artground, where the fun is mixed with art and craft, with events happening during weekends and the holidays!

If you have been regularly reading my blog, you would know that this is not my first post on The Artground. As you can see, I really enjoy bringing my children there. More importantly, there were special activities lined up early June for the "100 and 100 More" Festival! As part of the Festival, there were ticketed performances and also craft workshops for children to participate in.

boys doing craft work at the artground

My boys attended the Wish Cloud Mobile workshop where they drew, colored, painted, and stuck strips of colored paper to their cloud cut-outs. I enjoyed watching how focused the kids were when they were doing their work. You could also see their individual personalities and creativity expressed through their work. The volunteers who facilitated the workshop were very encouraging and also intentional in allowing the children to do the work by themselves without assisting too much.

boy painting during a workshop at the artground
boy peeling off stickers during a workshop at the artground

The only downside was that the workshop was carried out in the garden area which was only partly shaded. It was 2pm and the weather was hot and sunny. I was glad my boys were still willing to sit through the workshop and worked hard on their crafts even though they were perspiring so much.

boy painting during a workshop at the artground
wish cloud mobiles

Here are their completed wish cloud mobiles!

creating bottled sand at the artground

The boys also attended the Bottled Sand workshop where they scooped different colored sand into a small glass bottle.

bottled sand creations

Here are their bottled sand creations!

In between attending the workshops, the children had fun playing indoors, once again running around, going up and down the huge wooden slope. It was rather crowded this time around due to the June holidays as well as a performance. But the space was still big enough to accommodate everyone without feeling overly rowdy and stuffy.

big wooden slope at the artground
boy trying out different textures at the artground
little children drawing on a chalkboard at the artground

As usual, my favorite is watching my three little imps interacting with each other and playing together. The boys tend to fight a lot when we are at home. But the 5yo is always looking out for his younger siblings when we are outside. If you ever wonder if you should have more than one kid, my answer is a big resounding 'YES'!

happy children playing at the artground

The Artround is indeed a safe and fun place for young children, including toddlers!

To find out more about the various events at The Artground, read on here.

The Artground is at:

Goodman Arts Centre

90 Goodman Road

Block J #01-40

Singapore 439053

Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Thursday

9.30am – 5pm
Friday – Sunday & selected Public Holidays
9.30am – 6pm
*Closed on Monday and Tuesday

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