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Family-Friendly: University Town

Where to go for yummy food and a spacious place for your kids to run around

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For all the Westees out there! Have you been to NUS University Town? If you haven't, I strongly recommend it as a family-friendly hang-out place! It's fully open to public. There are huge sheltered spaces for your little ones to run around, lots of F&B options available, and a well-manicured open field for activities like frisbee or simply free play for the young children!

I was there on a weekday evening. The weather was very cool and there were several other families around having dinner and letting their children play on the field. The F&B outlets are also open on weekends, though not all. But it still provides a vast array of family-friendly food options.

There's also ample parking space at Stephen Riady Centre even during weekends.

Some of the food options include: Subway, Pizza hut, Waa Cow, Sapore Italian Restaurant, Hwang's Korean Restaurant, and a very spacious Food Court.

open field at nus university town

Big open field suitable for ball games and frisbee

boys playing on open field at nus university town

Boys playing at the open field

ntuc fairprice express at nus university town

Fairprice Express for some quick grocery shopping and essential items

bara chirashi down from waa cow at nus university town

Bara Chirashi Don from Waa Cow. $16.90. Very tasty and full of sashimi!

Add $3 for Chawanmushi and a drink

wagyu beef don from waa cow at nus university town

Wagyu Beef Don with cheesy topping from Waa Cow. $18.90. Very flavourful and super tender and juicy think wagyu slices, topped with an oozy egg yolk. An incredibly satisfying meal!

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