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Family-friendly Vacation: Cameron Highlands (Part III)

A Review of Lavender Garden and Cameron Valley Tea House, and What to Do at Cameron Highlands.

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Lavender Garden at Cameron Highlands

A place that you shouldn't miss out when you are at Malaysia Cameron Highlands, is Lavender Garden! It is a picturesque garden with colorful flowers, making it a great place to take a lot of photographs! So Instagrammers out there, please take note of Lavender Garden!

Admission fees to Lavender Garden is RM10 for adults and RM7 for children 5 years and above.

entrance of lavender gardens on a bright sunny day #cameronhighlands #familyvacay #familyfun #familytime #malaysia #familytravel #travelwithkids

Parking spots are rather limited. The place was quite crowded when we went on a Sunday. We parked by the roadside along with many other cars. Just got to be really careful when disembarking and boarding when you have young children with you!

colorful flowers all year round at lavender gardens #malaysia #familytravel #travelwithkids #cameronhighlands

Colorful flowers all year round!

Lavender Gardens at Cameron Highlands #cameronhighlands #malaysia #familytravel #travelwithkids #familyvacay

Other than pretty flowers, there is also an area that is similar to a Trick Eye museum where my children had fun posing and taking many fun pictures!

Lavender Garden at Cameron Highlands #familyvacay #familytravel #cameronhighlands #malaysia #travelwithkids

Don't forget to have some snacks at the cafe at Lavender Garden! They have lavender-flavored ice cream as well as lavender-flavored cheesecake! The strawberry milkshake and fresh strawberries topped with yoghurt ice cream were very satisfying in the hot weather too!

Cameron Valley Teahouse

what to do at Cameron Highlands for families with young kids #familyvacay #familytravel #cameronhighlands #malaysia #travelwithkids

Pin me please

There were three Cameron Valley Tea Houses and we visited the one right at the top at Tringkap. You could walk among the tea plants and take beautiful shots with the blue sky and greenery making an awesome backdrop.

Cameron Valley at Cameron Highlands #familyvacay #familytravel #cameronhighlands #malaysia #travelwithkids

There is a short hike at Cameron Valley but I didn't think the views at the top were very fantastic. I would recommend that you visit the Cameron Valley tea house near Tanah Rata instead. The tea house there is much bigger, and the views are way more breathtaking, because the tea house is located at the top of a hill overlooking the vast tea plantation.

Cameron Valley at Cameron Highlands #familyvacay #familytravel #cameronhighlands #malaysia #travelwithkids

Things to do at Cameron Highlands for families

- Strawberry plucking at S Corner Strawberry Farm

- Hiking up tea plantations at BOH Tea Sungei Palas Garden as well as Cameron Valley Tea House

- Buy a wide variety of tea bags and instant tea sachets, great as gifts for family and friends! There is a great range of fruit tea available as well as iced tea sachets.

- Enjoy a hot and yummilicious steamboat meal (check out Water-cress Garden, though not in this review)

- Visit Lavender Garden for beautiful flowers, and enjoy lavender-flavored ice cream and cheese cake

- Visit Time Tunnel Museum and reminisce the good ol' times

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