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Family-friendly Vacation: Lexis Hibiscus @ Port Dickson (Part I)

A Review of Lexis Hibiscus At Port Dickson

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Where to bring the kids during the school holidays?

Looking for a place to go during the school holidays without spending too much money, yet enjoy luxurious treatment?

Lexis Hibiscus at Port Dickson is a great choice for a fun-filled family holiday!

My 5yo has been asking me to bring him to the beach after receiving a small set of beach toys from his Berries class. I told him we would go to the beach during the coming June holidays and he was very excited.

Fortunately for him, my husband and I rather spontaneously planned for a beach weekend getaway for the whole family way before the June holidays!

I saw some ads online and initially suggested going to Penang for a beach resort getaway in June, but realized the airfare itself would cost our family of 5 at least $600 and driving there would be too painfully long.

Then my husband showed me pictures of Lexis Hibiscus and I was immediately sold!

We were having this discussion in late April and he decided that we should just go during the first weekend of May to avoid the crowd during the school holidays. This was the most spontaneous trip for us!

We went in via the Tuas Second Link on Saturday around noon time and traffic was smooth all the way. It took us 3.5 hours to drive from the immigration checkpoint to Lexis Hibiscus, including a short stopover.

It was my 1yo daughter's first trip! Thankfully the children were well-behaved during the long drive.

How to survive a long road trip with young kids

We all know kids have a very short attention span and it is challenging to keep them entertained for hours on the road.

Here are 5 great trips to help you survive a long road trip when traveling with young children!

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1. Bring lots of snacks to keep those little mouths busy!

I brought along various types of cereals, biscuits and potato chips.

I find it very helpful to have small snack boxes on hand because those little hands can manage the light bites in the snack boxes better than holding on to the snack packets. It is also easier to keep leftover snacks fresh in these boxes.

The chips also help to keep the husband awake for the long drive!

Grapes and raisins are wonderful as much healthier options and create minimal mess and require little preparation as compared to other fruits.

2. Create a playlist of favorite tunes that will last hours

We played nursery rhymes and the children were entertained as they sang along. But after a while the nursery rhymes were too much of a lullaby to the husband who was driving, so we switched to pop songs.


My boys even caught some of the lyrics and sang along to Adele's "Rumour has it", Bruno Mars' "Count on me" and Ed Sheeran's "Photograph". I was most certainly very amused!

3. Movies on the go

We don't usually allow the children to have screen time in the car but we had to make it an exception on a long drive.

In our defense, we only took out the ipad for the final 30 minutes of the trip when the boys wouldn't stop asking, "Are we there yet?"

Just download a few from Netflix on your iPad or rent some movies on the iTunes store and you're ready to roll!

4. Plan the road trip around nap time

Well, my boys no longer take afternoon naps and the drive is still relatively short at 3 hours. But because we woke the boys up early, my younger son still fell asleep for about half an hour after some snacks.

My daughter is much easier to handle -- just nurse her to nap! Yay! Peace and quiet for an hour!

Time passes much faster when the kids sleep so planning your road trip according to the kids' nap time is also very helpful!

5. Busy bags and activity books

It can be rather dizzying to read on the road, but I find activity books with stickers rather helpful.


The children don't have to focus on reading the words, but their little hands are kept busy with peeling and pasting the stickers. Before you know it, another 20 minutes passed by!


Please make sure you have sufficient toys, books, or stickers for everyone. It's great if the kids can share but I always make sure that there's more than enough activity to go around so that the kids don't end up fighting and creating a riot in the car!

Why Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is a great place for families

We had a holiday at Port Dickson in December 2015 with my boys, and we stayed at Avillion then. Lexis Hibiscus is very different from Avillion.

Lexis Hibiscus has a more modern design and luxurious setting with every villa having its own private pool and steam room.

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Wifi connection was stable throughout the entire premises, including the main lobby, restaurants at the main tower and most incredibly, even at the beach!

The most distinct feature of Lexis Hibiscus is that all the villas are arranged in the shape of a gigantic hibiscus flower lying on top of the ocean. What a brilliant design!

bird's eye view of lexis hibiscus port dickson

A bird's eye view of Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

lexis hibiscus main lobby

The minute you stepped into the main lobby, you would be awed by the grandness of it.

Service staff was very friendly. My children were greeted with lollipops, balloon sculptures were done by staff in pirate costumes and even a clown on stilts!

While we were waiting in the queue to check-in, we were also offered cold towels to freshen up, certainly most welcoming on a very hot Saturday afternoon! You can also help yourself to fruit punch at the lobby.

boys posing with their lollipops at lexis hibiscus #lexishibiscus #portdickson #beachholiday #beachgetaway #familytravel #travelwithkids #malaysia
pirates and clown at lexis hibiscus lexishibiscus #portdickson #beachholiday #beachgetaway #familytravel #travelwithkids #malaysia

We were very fortunate to be offered a complimentary upgrade from our executive pool villa to premium pool villa with fountain view!

We had a view of the beach and a lovely sunset. There was also supposed to be some fountain display but we didn't manage to catch it because it was under maintenance.

Because the villas are situated quite a distance from the main tower, there was a 24-hour buggy service available.

The buggy ride was certainly a highlight of the trip! We could enjoy the scenery and the breeze while being whisked away to our luxurious villa.

It would have been a 10-minute walk from our villa, situated at one of the hibiscus petals, to the main tower.

buggy ride to villas at lexis hibiscus
premium pool villa at lexis hibiscus

Premium pool villa at 81 sqm with 2 king beds.

lexis hibiscus premium pool villa

There was a feature wall of the black tempered glass panel, of which, the TV is in the middle. I think it's a very sleek design.

There were free on-demand movies, which were released in the past year or so. We watched "Storks", "Batman - lego movie" and "Space Chimps". These were the only animations available.

The sound system was pretty good too! We could enjoy a theatre experience in the comfort of the king beds!

One thing to note though, we initially had trouble getting the chosen movie to start, so I called up the operator after several failed attempts. She said, "Oh, when you see on the screen 'do you want to play this movie', click NO instead of YES." And it worked!

boys looking at the sea through the glass lexishibiscus #portdickson #beachholiday #beachgetaway #familytravel #travelwithkids #malaysia

The kids were very intrigued by the glass panel on the floor where they could look at the sea below the villa.

Unfortunately, there weren't any sea creatures to be spotted. We only saw a couple of spiders and their web.

children exploring the room at lexis hibiscus lexishibiscus #portdickson #beachholiday #beachgetaway #familytravel #travelwithkids #malaysia
private pool for each villa at lexis hibiscus lexishibiscus #portdickson #beachholiday #beachgetaway #familytravel #travelwithkids #malaysia

My favorite part of the villa was that we have a private pool all to ourselves! This means we could swim at any time of the day!

The pool is 1.2m deep and the children had lots of fun playing with water toys which I brought along. It also feels pretty cool that you are in a pool in the middle of the sea.

The pool is not small either. It measures about 4m by 3m. There is a door leading to the pool outside so you can simply lock it to prevent your young children from jumping into the pool unsupervised.

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