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Free: Hand-Drawn Colouring Pages for Kids

Colouring Pages of your child's favourite cartoon characters

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My 5yo used to dislike colouring. When he was in Nursery 1 class, he would simply colour a few strokes of the picture and said the work was done. His class teacher suggested for us to let him work on his colouring skills more at home during the school holidays. I didn't think colouring was really a big deal so I didn't exactly push my Son either. But I did tell him that I believe he could do better in his colouring and that he should always put in his best effort even when he doesn't really enjoy colouring.

To my surprise, the following year he showed great improvements. I could see that he intentionally chose different colours and his work was always very colourful. When he brought his work back home to show me, he said, "See mummy. I did my best." I was so proud that he took my words to heart and really put in his best effort! That's great learning attitude!

Now he really enjoys colouring and using different medium including colour pencils, crayons and markers. He would take the initiative to pick up colouring books and start colouring on his own. I especially love seeing how he's so focused on his work and the way his eyes light up with pride when showing me his completed works. I initially thought colouring really doesn't seem like a big deal. But I have realised it's a great way of allowing our children to express their creativity, their emotions and of course, practising their dexterity and concentration.

During the December holidays last year, I drew my boys' favourite cartoon characters for them to colour. My boys love it when I put up their art work on our walls for display. It's a great way of encouraging them and showing appreciation of their hard work. I find individual pages much easier to put up for display which was also why I decided to draw these for my kids.

Here are some of the hand-drawn colouring pages. Please feel free to download via the blue button below and print them out. Hopefully your children will also have as much fun colouring their Favourite characters!

Here are some of the colouring pages:

chase from paw patrol: free colouring pages for kids
dory: free colouring pages for kids
lightning mcqueen: free colouring pages for kids
thomas: free colouring pages for kids
marshall from paw patrol: free colouring pages for kids
minion: free colouring pages for kids
poppy from trolls: free colouring pages for kids
owlette from pj masks: free colouring pages for kids
catboy from pj masks: free colouring pages for kids
mickey mouse: free colouring pages for kids
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