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Managing Regression

From "Mummies of Many" Series

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Some mummies I know have complained about how their toddlers regressed months after the younger sibling came along. It could be wetting themselves even though they have been successfully toilet-trained. It could be waking in the middle of the night to look for mummy or asking for milk when they were previously sleeping through the night. It could be asking for their pacifier once again. It could be refusing to feed themselves at meal times even though they were used to doing it before.

It is easy to understand why these toddlers are 'regressing' but it may not be easy for us to accept what they are doing. Toddlers are not out to manipulate us or have dark, hidden motives behind their actions. They simply desire their parents' attention and want to feel loved and cared for.

"But I still love my toddler just as much!" You may say. I completely understand that because it was my defense as well. Yet it is hard for our young child to see that we still love them just as much when our attention is now divided between him and his sibling.

The key is to intentionally express our love in outward and obvious manners to ensure that our toddler is fully aware of our love for him. @mumpreneur264

The regressions may not be intentional acts by our toddler but an outward expression of his insecurities within. It may be our reflex to chide him or get frustrated at these regressions especially when they inconvenience us; for example, having to feed the toddler or clean up messes after he wet himself. But if we display our anger or irritation, it would only cause our toddler to feel even more rejected.

Take heart that this phase will pass. It just requires a lot more patience and understanding on our part in empathizing with the vulnerable feelings of our toddler.

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