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New Baby, New Routine

From "Mummies of Many" Series

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After having one child, we might think we have it all figured out and ready for the next baby. Well, we are definitely more prepared and confident in knowing what to expect for the second time around, as compared to feeling lost and helpless as a new mum. But every child is different, so even if we have prior experience in breastfeeding, sleep training, weaning, or toilet training our first child, the same formula might not yield the same results for another child.

Thankfully, with prior experience, most mothers become significantly more confident in managing subsequent children. We have learned that it doesn't help to panic or get overly concerned about the small details. Moreover, it is much harder to achieve perfection in our bid to set a particular routine for the baby, when there is also a toddler to mind. With more little mouths to feed, more little butts to clean and more little bodies to bathe, we will learn to be more selective about which battles to fight and which to just close one eye. This is also why there are jokes about how mummies sterilized every single item that comes into the hands of the first child, briefly clean those same items with wet wipes for the second child, and the third and subsequent children can even feed off the floor. This is also the result of realizing our children are really much tougher than we think.

Even though we know what to expect when the new baby comes along and are now fully capable of caring for the baby without feeling flustered, we should also expect to develop a new routine which could be completely different from the previous. The new baby has his own personality, temperament, and preferences which could be very different from his sibling's. it will be yet another journey of discovering your baby, exciting but full of its own set of challenges.

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