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Personal Accident Coverage for Your Child

Comparing the different plans from various insurers

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There are a lot of different types of insurance available in the market. In planning to get some form of insurance coverage for your child, it may be rather overwhelming, especially for a first-time parent.

Here is a comparison table done up for the personal accident coverage that the major insurers in Singapore provide for children.

It is difficult to do an apple-to-apple comparison, but the various benefits provided are listed so you can see for yourself what is offered and find the plan most suited to your needs.

I've already made several claims from my boys' personal accident plans. There had been times when my son fell, suffered a big bruise on his forehead, a bleeding nose, experienced diarrhoea from food poisoning, and even on one occasion suffered a scratch from a parrot standing on his hand during a photo-op at Bali Safari, which later turned to a serious infection. For all the above, I sought treatment from our regular pediatrician, and they were all claimable under the accident coverage.

Personal accident plans are very affordable from less than $20 per month, yet also "very claimable" because young children encounter accidents easily when they are so active and may be reckless. Small injuries may require doctor's attention but not so serious to be hospitalised so such outpatient accidental treatment at the clinics or A&E, are only claimable under personal accident plans, not hospitalisation coverage. Application can start from as young as 2 weeks old, so it's never too early to apply, since most plans offer cover for conditions like HFMD, Dengue Fever, Zika virus.

children personal accident plan comparison 1
children personal accident plan comparison 2
children personal accident plan comparison 3
children personal accident plan comparison
children personal accident plan comparison 5
children personal accident plan comparison 6

For detailed information of each plan, please check out the following links:

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