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Place Your Spouse Above Your Child

Why you should regard your husband above your kids

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Important tips for a successful and happy marriage. To place your spouse above your child. The mistakes we make in our marriage as parents. #marriagetips #christianmom #parentingtips #happyfamily #happymarriage

It's easy to get lost in loving your child. After all, they are your very own flesh and blood.

You bore them within you for nine months. You felt their kicks and turns inside you.

When you hold them in your arms, they gaze at you with an angelic smile and it's as if you are the entire world to them.

They seem so vulnerable and unable to fend for themselves, and you just want to protect them with all your heart and strength.

Then there's your husband. The man whom you married for love and companionship. (Read: Your Spouse Is Your Greatest Partner)

Someone whom you trust your life with and pledged the rest of your lives together in hardship and in prosperity.

He loves you, he cares for you, and he's your best friend.

But here is also someone who sometimes frustrates you immensely; someone who sometimes can't seem to find the right words that you want to hear when you are feeling upset.

He sometimes seems to be too tired or too busy to be considering your emotions.

Sometimes he seems to be more interested in his virtual games and work commitments than in you and what went on in your day.

Nobody said marriage was going to be easy.

It's about two people from different backgrounds and upbringing coming together to spend their lives with each other.

Each has his/her own flaws, weaknesses, and fears. There are bound to be conflicts and friction.

Yet all these can be overcome with love, wisdom, and patience; only if you put each other first.

The key to a happy marriage. The biggest mistake married couples make as parents. #happymarriage #marriagetips #momlife #christianmom #happyfamily

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Your spouse will have to come ahead of your child in your heart's hierarchy.

It might not be easy for everyone to accept this because the child is your flesh and blood. Yet there wouldn't have been your child if not for your spouse.

Your child is the product of your love and will grow under both of your care and loving nurture. It requires great teamwork to set a beautiful family for your child to grow up in.

This is not to discount the beautiful families headed by a single parent. But if you have a spouse, you definitely need to build on your teamwork continuously.

Remember, your child will grow to learn to love and trust others by modeling after you and your husband. Sometimes it does seem easier to love your baby than your husband.

Yet the truth is, love doesn't actually wither or fade, contrary to popular belief. Love is a choice.

why you should stop putting your kids above your spouse #marriedlife #parentingadvice #christianmoms #newmomadvice

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So as long as you are capable of making decisions, please decide to love your spouse and place him ahead of your child. Everything else will fall rightfully into place.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. – Ephesians 4:2

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