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Kidtastic Planner 2019

Bright and colorful printable planner designed especially for kids

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As mothers, most of the time, we are the ones doing the planning and scheduling for our kids. But as they grow, time management is an important life skill that we should impart to our kids.

From ages 5 onwards, most preschoolers will have a concept of time and it would be a great idea to get them to start planning for their day or the week ahead.

Here is a FREE planner specially designed for kids! Simply sign up below to receive a FREE copy right in your mailbox!

The Kidtastic Planner is filled with colorful and easy to use printables, sure to attract your child's attention and help them to learn to plan for a smoother and more organized year ahead!

Have more than one child? Print as many as you like!
Made a mess at first attempt? Print it again and do it better the next round!
The Kidtastic Planner 2019 includes
- 2019 Resolutions x 1
- Daily Planner x 2
- Weekly Planner x 1
- Monthly Planner x 12
- Useful Contacts List x 1
- Savings Goals x 1
- Monthly Expense Tracker x 1
- Daily Expense Tracker x 1

Total: 20 Printables (Unlimited Prints!)

It is never too early to start teaching our children to manage time time well and keep their life organized!

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