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Planning for the Next Baby

From "Mummies of Many" Series

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Some parents think 3-5 years apart is a good gap between siblings and it allows the parents to give the first child their full attention in the earliest childhood years to build a strong foundation of love and nurturing. It also allows the first child to have time to learn to be relatively independent before having to manage another baby. Parents might even be able to engage the help of their first child with regards to caring for the baby, instilling in him a greater sense of responsibility and protection towards his younger sibling.

Some parents think 1-2 years apart is a better age gap because the siblings are close in age and will more likely be better playmates and friends since they are almost always growing in the same phase even in the years to come. Having the children growing in the same phase also makes it's easier for logistics for example, food preparation, going to the same school and enrolling in the same enrichment classes etc. On the other hand, the initial years can be rather frustrating because from personal experience, siblings closer in age tend to exhibit fiercer sibling rivalry and competitiveness.

Some couples plan meticulously when to have another baby and try their best to time the conception. Some babies are conceived unplanned. Regardless, every baby is a wonderful gift from God and we just have to work things out as they come along even if it doesn't seem to coincide with the timeline we have in mind.

My personal advice would be not to wait too long to have another baby. The longer you wait, the greater the inertia of going back to those frequent night needs, baby rocking and diaper changing days. Besides, siblings are great gifts of kinship and friendship that will last a lifetime. So if situations allow, it is indeed a blessing to double the joys in your life.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. - Proverbs 17:17

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