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Positive Parenting: Allowance

Positive Parenting Solutions - Allowance for kids

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why parents shouldn't give their children allowance for doing chores. #parenting #family #momlife #kidsallowance

For parents with children entering or already in elementary school, giving your children allowance will be an issue that you have to manage or be prepared to manage in the near future.

How much is enough? Should the children be working for their allowance?

Some parents have taken to giving their children allowances when the children complete certain household chores at home.

This seems to create motivation for children to carry out tasks at home including cleaning their rooms, setting the table at meal times, folding the laundry and washing the dishes.

But are we really encouraging them to take on responsibility as part of the family, or are we monetizing these chores such that our children would help out around the house if they are paid?

Positive Parenting Solutions suggest that we should instill in our children the shared responsibilities of a family, which include taking care of the household chores. 

Our children should learn from young that being part of the family includes helping to take care of the things around the house and cleaning up their rooms.

why parents shouldn't give their children allowance for doing chores. #positiveparenting #family #busymoms #kidsallowance

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They should feel a natural sense of satisfaction from keeping their rooms clean and enjoy benefits of having an organized house instead of thinking "what's in it for me?" when asked to do certain household chores​

There is also much wisdom in adjusting the allowance given to our children as they grow and teaching them from a young age about managing their finances and saving up for what they really want, thereby promoting their ability to strive for delayed gratification. 

At a technological age where almost anything can be done by simply pressing of a button, it is no surprise that many young children desire instant gratification, and have little patience for waiting or persevering in the quest to achieve their goals.

As parents, we can guide them and build them up in the virtue of perseverance even from the point of giving them an allowance.

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