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Positive Parenting: Encourage Our Children Instead of Praise

Positive Parenting Solutions

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There had been many times when I felt like I've gone crazy when I screamed and shouted at my children. I blamed them for their bad behavior but in fact, my behavior and reaction were just as horrible, if not worse! I envy those mothers who seem to be able to keep their cool even when things get messy or when the children get out of hand. With these practical steps that I have learned from Session 2 of Positive Parenting Solutions, I am getting better at staying calm even when the situation gets messy. I have realized it is more important to control myself rather than my kids.

In our bid to teach our children through positive reinforcement, we might offer them rewards for good behavior or when they accomplish certain tasks. But what if I tell you this reward system is actually flawed? Well, I'm quite surprised too. So how can we use better ways as positive reinforcements to encourage good behavior and instill responsibility in our children?

How can we train our children to take on more responsibilities at home including doing some household chores? Session 2 of Positive Parenting Solutions offers a practical guide with useful tips on how to execute the training process and the wonderful benefits with seeing it through even though it might seem easier for us to do it ourselves at the start.

Sometimes in our haste to get chores done, we would rather do things ourselves or help our children instead of allowing them the room to learn. If only we empower them with more trust and time, we will come to realize that our little ones are much more capable than we think. There is even a very helpful list of the age-appropriate chores for children of different ages. It has made me realize that I should be training my children more and allowing them to take up more responsibility around the house!

My main learning points from Session 2 of Positive Parenting Solutions are the 7 common things that parents say and do which actually bring more harm than good to our children. These could be age-old statements that we have been hearing from our parents since we were children. But times have changed and our children are indeed very different from us when we were kids, so we certainly ought to modify our parenting methods to better suit to the needs of this generation. Session 2 provides wise suggestions on how we can modify our words and actions to yield more positive responses from our children.

There is also an interesting quiz about knowing the difference between encouragement and praise. Research has shown that extensive praise for our children may not be helpful when they become too self-conscious and are afraid of making mistakes. On the other hand, consistent encouragement builds confidence in our children and better prepare them for challenges and even failure. If you are wondering how you can better encourage your children instead of praising them, you can refer to a very helpful list that is provided in Session 2.

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