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Positive Parenting: Overcoming Power Struggles With Your Children

Positive Parenting Solutions

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Session 3 of Positive Parenting Solutions is incredibly useful and I would even say life-changing. It changes a lot of age-old parenting perspectives that we are used to, especially since we were subjected to such methods as children and it seems only natural for us to use the same methods on our children.

I've asked my parents before about how I was like as a child because I had so much trouble handling my child, it made me wonder where all that nastiness come from. My mum did say my brother and I were much easier to manage when we were young. So what happened to my kids? Why are they so naughty, so defiant, and so out of control? This generation of kids seems to be much brighter than we were, yet also more challenging to manage.

There was a period of time when there was drama at home every day. My 2.5-year-old was throwing tantrums daily and always seemed to be able to find something to fuss about and that absolutely drove me crazy. I literally felt I was losing my mind. I felt out of control. I left helpless, frustrated and defeated. How could a little boy make me feel so horrible about myself? How could I not be able to control my 2.5-year-old child?

Little did I realize that it was exactly because I kept trying to control him, and the strong-willed child was simply not willing to be controlled. All that drama, tantrums and meltdowns were a manifestation of our power struggle which I failed to recognize back then.

I have since learned to be easier on my child and have realized that when I don't micromanage him, things seem to be better for the both of us. It's exactly like the analogy of kite-flying. You have to release more string in order for the kite to fly. But you still need to hang on to it, otherwise, the kite will either be blown away or fall to the ground. You need to adjust releasing and reeling the string of the kite according to the winds.

My child still has meltdowns and sometimes I still go crazy and become a Mom-ster. Session 3 of Positive Parenting Solutions has been incredibly helpful in providing practical ways of making me less of a Mom-ster and to be more intentional in building up my child so that he doesn't find a need to throw tantrums as often. Some of the theories shared in Session 3 are not new to me. However, Positive Parenting Solutions offer very detailed and practical suggestions which I can really effectively implement at home to see positive effects almost immediately. All you need is to try it once when your child is throwing a tantrum, and you will see the difference in his response as a result of your changed response. It is about intentionally cultivating a new parenting method so that being a Mom-ster will finally be a thing of the past.

What I find most amazing about Positive Parenting Solutions is that it really seems to have answers to all my questions! And I'm sure there are answers to your burning questions and parenting challenges too! The FAQs address many concerns of parents, not only dealing with toddlers but also dealing with teens. So you will certainly be able to find the solution that you are looking for.

One important take-home lesson for me is the section on natural and logical consequence. I realize I react too easily to my children's misbehavior or their refusal to comply with my instructions. Lashing out threats and counting '1-2-3 or else' is a common method that I use. They seem to work momentarily but definitely don't cure the root of the problem otherwise I won't be facing this misbehavior again and again! The Positive Parenting Solutions of making use of natural and logical consequences applied to common issues faced at home is indeed very helpful and is certainly causing a change in my parenting method. I have to admit that it is not yet intuitive to me. But I have certainly seen the positive effects of putting this parenting method into practice

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