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Positive Parenting: Understanding Your Parenting Personality

Positive Parenting Solutions

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Parents have the toughest job in the world. Unfortunately for us, our babies don't come with manuals. It's all about learning on the job and exploring different ways to teach and guide our children as they grow. It can be especially intimidating and scary for first-time parents dealing with toddler tantrums, especially if the toddler decides to have a meltdown in public and the poor parent has to endure the judgment of bystanders.

I'm sure we all wish there are practical solutions to our never-ending questions and challenges in our journey of parenthood. The most challenging part of parenting is that it's not possible to have a one size fits all solution that can manage our children all the way from toddlerhood to their teenage years. We need to be constantly changing our methods to suit the various stages that our children go through in order to execute more effective parenting. It is essential that we build a strong foundation of love and trust between ourselves and our children so that we don't lose them to their friends in their teenage years. 

I grew up in an Asian family and was subjected to physical punishment. When it comes to parenting my own children, it's inevitable that I also modeled some of the methods that I was subjected to as a child. Thankfully, there are many resources available these days which provide useful insights to assist new parents in their journey of parenthood including providing helpful guides on the aspect of disciplining our children. To be honest, I believe that some form of physical discipline is necessary. But I have been reading up rather extensively on new age parenting concepts such as respectful parenting and positive parenting, to modify my parenting methods.

I recently came across Positive Parenting Solutions and have been very impressed by the easy-to-use system and the well-structured lessons which provide wonderful insights and practical methods which I can apply to my parenting. Here is a review of the first session that I went through via the mobile app for Positive Parenting Solutions.

What I find most convenient Positive Parenting Solutions is that I can access all the lessons through the mobile app on my phone. Each lesson allows you the option of watching a video or listening to an audio lesson which lasts for an average of 10 minutes. You can choose to download the audio or stream it. It's great for listening on the go for busy parents.

Other than the video and audio lesson, there are also beautifully designed articles and very informative FAQs with brilliant and insightful answers that address a wide range of parenting challenges and questions relating to parenting toddlers to teens.

On top of that, there are also detailed and practical worksheets that help you understand your parenting styles better and provides clarify on which aspects you would like to improve on.

What I like most about the first session with Positive Parenting Solutions is the parenting personality test which gives insight into your personality. I find the parent personality test accurate and informative. It helps to explain why I would react in a certain way. Understanding myself better and having heightened self-awareness certainly makes it easier for focusing on specific areas of parenting to improve on. Here's a screenshot of my results from the parenting personality test. The analysis of the test provides practical tips on how to improve our parenting methods according to your personality.

The first session also talks about the 3 ego states - parent, adult, and child, that everyone has. This explains why we and our children behave in a certain way and how we can change our behavior to promote better parent-child interaction.

I've also learned about Mind, Body and Soul time and the significance of intentionally setting aside short pockets of time to give exclusive attention to each child and picked up suggestions on how to implement this.

One nice feature of is the note-taking function that allows you to write down important notes easy for referencing.

Positive Parenting Solutions is indeed an informative and convenient mobile app with parenting solutions for busy parents on the go.

To find out more on Positive Parenting Solution, click on the picture below for a FREE webinar that comes with a free workbook and a report on "Backtalk Battles" that gives you a 5-strategy guide on dealing with your children when they talk back.

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