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Positive Parenting: Weekly Family Meetings

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Session 6 of Positive Parenting Solutions focuses on the importance of intentionally setting aside time once a week where the entire family gathers together for a Family Meeting, or you can also call if Family Fun Time. With everyone owning a mobile device these days, including primary school children, even if a family dines together every day, not everyone might be 'fully present' because of the distraction posed by the mobile devices. With both parents working in many families these days, it is also not easy for the entire family to have their meals together on a weekday. There are some families who have successfully kept away mobile devices during meal times and dining together is always a good time to connect with everyone.

I have to admit my family's meal time practices are not perfect, so going through Session 6 of Positive Parenting Solutions is like a wake-up call for me. Some parents lament about how they lose their children when they choose friends over families in their teenage years. However, I believe if parents really make a commitment to revamp their family time together as Session 6 teaches, I'm certain family bonds can most definitely improve. It might not be easy to set a new family routine especially if the older children also have activities planned out on weekends. But really, the only way is to try, try and try to work things out together as a family.

Session 6 of Positive Parenting Solutions has provided a very practical guideline on how we can implement a Family Meeting and also provided a list of how things might go wrong so we can better prepare ourselves and avoid those mistakes so that everyone in the family looks forward to the Family Meeting and commits to attending the weekly gatherings.

So what do you do during a Family Meeting? The basic elements of the Family Meeting are Complements & Appreciations, Review Weekly Calendars, Allowance, Snack, and Family Fun Activity. Session 6 also provides tips on how we can modify the Family Meeting according to the ages of our children.

At the end of the day, what matters most about a Family Meeting is gathering everyone together to connect on a deeper level so that we can improve understanding and strengthen family ties. Each of our lives will only increasingly deviate as the children grow up, attending different schools, hanging out with different friends, pursuing different interests. May we commit to building a strong loving foundation with our families so that even when our children grow up, they will know deep in their hearts that our doors are always open for them, and that we are always there to love and support them.

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