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7 Productivity Hacks for Busy Moms

Time management advice for overwhelmed moms

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7 ways to increase productivity for moms #momlife #busymoms #productivity #momblogger #timemanagement

Time is a commodity that can only traded but not bought.

For moms, time is even more elusive.
Every day, there are so many tasks to be done, be it at home or at work.

We have to manage our homes and work, and still take good care of our husband and our children, sometimes, way better than we take care of ourselves.

Busy and tired moms want to be more productive.

As much as we may already be so overwhelmed with various things on our to-do list, we are still constantly thinking about how we can do more and achieve more.

Here are 7 brilliant time management advice to help you maximize your 24 hours every day to achieve more and be a happier mom!

7 Productivity Hacks for Busy Moms

7 easy steps to increase productivity today. #momlife #busymoms #productivity #planner

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1. Start your day earlier

Wake up in the morning 30 to 60 minutes earlier than your current routine.

I am totally not a morning person and dragging myself out of bed earlier is absolutely challenging for me!
But I have to admit that my days are always so much more productive when I make it a point to wake earlier!

You will be surprised how much more you can achieve with additional 30 minutes in the morning

You can set out a morning exercise routine and finally execute your weight loss plan instead of just thinking about it.
You can enjoy the quiet of the morning in prayer and meditation to set your heart and soul afresh at the beginning of each day.
You can use 5 to 15 minutes to list down your tasks for the day so you don’t end up running through the day like a headless chicken.

2. Take power naps for a boost

Wait, didn’t you just suggest to wake up earlier in the morning? Now you are suggesting to take a nap?

Yes! That’s right!

If you wake earlier in the morning and then take an afternoon nap, you might still end up with the same number of waking hours through your day as your existing routine.

However, your mind is always freshest in the morning and setting your schedule at the start of the day is the first step to achieving a more productive day.

Taking a short nap in the afternoon grants your body a quick yet effective break.

A power nap of twenty minutes recharges you both physically and mentally. This means you can continue with the rest of the day feeling more refreshed and energized!

A clear mind will most certainly help you work more efficiently, rather than dragging your feet through the day after lunch hours and take several coffee breaks which aren’t exactly stimulating.

Don’t just take my word for it! Trust in scientific research! (Read: Science Says Napping Increases Productivity) 

3. Reduce screen time

We all know too much screen time is not good for our kids. How about ourselves? (Read: The Losing Battle)

I am absolutely guilty of spending minutes, that accumulate to hours, scrolling through social media feed, reading gossip news, and watching Netflix.

But all work and no play makes mommy a momster!

I totally feel you!

Yet the truth is, we can always find more time to increase productivity if we reduce our screen time, especially those mind-numbing ones spent on social media.

7 productivity hacks for busy moms #momlife #productivity #goalsetting #planner

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If looking at your social media feed makes you feel worse about yourself or your day, then you should absolutely cut that out!

Only good vibes please!

Short periods of entertainment can most certainly help with improving you moods and, therefore, productivity.

But it is important for us to limit such time and make sure they don’t make us lose sight of our more important tasks on hand!

Just think about what you can do with the 15 minutes that you have instead of scrolling through your social feed! Clean up the room? Do the laundry? Exercise?

I believe there is always more time that we can squeeze out of the 24 hours that we have to be more productive!

Let's start by reducing screen time!

4. Learn on the go

I used to be on the left, but now I’m always right. What am I?

A chauffeur!

For my mommy friends from America, you drive on the left but you are always Mrs. Right! =)

I’m sure many of you can relate to the amount of time that we spend on the road driving our kids around, running errands and traveling to and from work.

I do enjoy using my time in the car to wind down by listening to my favorite tunes and singing out loud. That’s my way of giving my mood a boost.

I have also learned that time on the road can be well utilized by listening to audiobooks!

I love using Audible app. Simply subscribe and get one audiobook every month! I enjoy listening to motivational books on the go. Check out Audible here.

When I listen to motivational audiobooks, it feels like I’m feeding my mind with nourishing information and pulling myself with positive thoughts even when I’m on the go. (Read: Book Recommendation on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

You can be inspired and motivated through books or learn new skills too!
If you don’t want to pay for services like Audible, just look for your favorite podcast and listen on the go!
These days, you can even learn new languages through various apps.
There are simply so many learning opportunities on the go! So don’t let the time spent on commute go to waste!

Learning on the go is totally one awesome way to increase productivity for moms!

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5. Plan, plan, plan

Have you ever heard that successful people DON'T put their tasks on a To-Do List?

They put their tasks in their calendar. In other words, they schedule those tasks.

The difference between writing a task down on a To-Do list as compared to writing it down in your planner, is that putting the task in your calendar automatically gives you a timeline of when the task needs to be achieved.

You may think it is a subtle difference but its effects can be enormous!

Imagine spending 10 minutes in the morning to schedule all your tasks for the day. At the end of the day, if you end up not achieving them all, how will you feel?

If you fail to complete your scheduled tasks over a long period of time, how will you feel?

Discouraged I suppose!

You can either totally give up on scheduling and go by each day not achieving anything major, or really take active steps to making a positive change in your life!

Basically, if you want something to happen, you gotta SCHEDULE it!

Make plans so that you can be productive.

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6. Exercise!

Well, I think all of us are familiar with the wonderful benefits of exercise, yet not many of us really schedule time for exercise in our weekly routine.

Exercise helps you boost energy, maintain health and increase the release of 'feel-good' hormones.

Endorphins released in a workout makes you feel happy and blocks out feelings of pain.

Regular workout will increase your body's serotonin levels which improves your energy over time and gives you a clearer mind. (Read: Hormones Released After Working Out)

In other words, regular exercise will prime your body to have better energy and health, which will most certainly give your productivity levels a boost!

I mean, you would most definitely not consider a sluggish, lazy sloth a productive animal, would you?

Unfortunately for me, my weight has been slowly creeping up ever since I stopped nursing my baby. Boohoo. (Read: Is Breastmilk Best for Mommy)

Of course, I cannot deny the fact that I luuurrrveee eating and snacking.

Like some of you, as a mom of 3 juggling so many hats, I feel that I really don't have time for exercise!

But it has come to a point when even my sons tell me I look chubby, so I have finally decided to act on it!

I have decided to wake earlier to have 30 minutes of exercise at least thrice a day, and I can totally feel my energy level increased even after a mere two weeks! Woohoo!

7. Get organized

To be honest, my children are not the only ones who don't keep their things back in place. I do that sometimes too. =P

Some of us are used to having a disorganized room and still have no problems finding the things that we need.

But some of us simply cannot function at optimal when our surroundings are messy and disorganized!

The inertia of clearing up a messy room or organizing your cabinets or desks can be very great. After all, you might take hours or days for a major cleanup!

Well, in my opinion, the best way to do it is to SCHEDULE one block of time a week to clean up a corner of your house.

It could be the kids' room, your work desk, your wardrobe etc. Just choose ONE corner to section to deal with every week.

The progress would be slow but much more manageable and less daunting, which means less inertia.

Alternatively, you can dedicate 3 days or even the entire week to have a major overhaul in your house! (Think Marie Kondo)

Time management advice for busy moms to increase productivity #planner #productivity #timemanagement #momlife #momblogger

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Decluttering and then creating an organized system in place will bring long-term benefits in improving your productivity levels, not only for yourself, but for your entire family.

Think of how much time you would save searching for your things hidden under a pile of mess, or spending precious time helping your kids look for their stuff! Definitely one of my pet peeves.

So there you go! 7 brilliant and simple productivity hacks for all moms! The busier you are, the MORE you need to implement these productivity tips!

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