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Reinforcing Mummy's Love

From "Mummies of Many" Series

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I believe all of us need love - love from our spouse, our parents, our children, our friends, and even our colleagues. Love can be expressed in many ways, as simple as words of kindness or encouragement, or even providing a silent listening ear to someone needing to vent. If we adults desire to feel loved and cared for, what more for our little children? I believe at the root of all their actions, is our children's great desire for parental love.

This could be expressed in what we deem as attention-seeking behavior, which can range from making adorable actions or expressions, telling us they love us multiple times through the day, or even throwing tantrums. Some means of expression are easier for us to accept, more than others. I am certainly guilty of yelling in response to my child's tantrums. If I could turn back time, there are many moments that I would like to change, moments when I should have responded more gently and lovingly to my son.

If we could see our children in the light of deeply desiring our love, we would better understand the motives of their actions.​ @mumpreneur264

How would you feel if your husband screamed at you for making a mess in the kitchen when you were actually cooking a birthday meal for him? Would you feel wronged? Unappreciated? Hurt? I know myself too well that I am impatient and short-tempered. Too often I lost my temper at my child only to regret seconds later. There are many ways to put across a message and the tone of your voice matters the most in how your recipient receives and reacts to the message. If we can be highly conscious of our tone and also highly aware of our child's innocent desire for our love and attention, I believe many dramas at home can be avoided.

When you have more than one child, you need to be even more intentional in giving each of your child attention and expressing your love for them individually. After all, your heart has grown bigger with more children and there is definitely enough love to go around. Don't stinge on the words "I Love You". Your child can only blossom when he is fully assured of your overflowing love.

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