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Review: "The Dog Who Goes Woof Woof"

A sensory-friendly play for ages 2-6 at the Esplanade (2-11 March 2018)

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I recently brought the boys to watch "The Gruffalo's Child" in February, which was one of the shows in KidsFest 2018. I chose this particular show because my boys are familiar with the story. I found that it would make them more interested and engaged during the play because they know what to expect and could also say the lines out loud along with the cast. Watching the stage performance also gave them renewed interest in the same book when we read it at home because they could recall the songs sung by the cast and the added scenes written specially for the theatre performance. Even one month after watching the performance, my boys could still relate distinct parts of the play to me. This was why I decided to look for more stage performances to bring them to, because I believe it doesn't just expose them to arts, drama and literature, it engages them and stimulates their creativity and imagination.

Brought the boys to watch a play at the Esplanade today. "The Dog Who Goes Woof Woof" was sensory-friendly, which meant it was suitable for children on the autism spectrum or with sensory sensitivities.

The plot was about a lonely girl befriending a dog and some elderly at the playground. It was a heart-warming story about overcoming fear and finding friendships even in the midst of differences. There was hardly any conversation, and the story was mostly narrated by actions and music. My children enjoyed the play. They laughed out loud during the funny parts and clapped and hummed along to the tunes. Even though the dog was presented as a puppet, it was very lively and engaging, and won the hearts of the audience.

We were all seated on the floor in close proximity to the stage. There were also times when the cast ran in the midst of the audience and allowed the children to interact with the dog, Woof Woof.

dog goes woof woof 1
dog goes woof woof 2
dog goes woof woof 3
dog goes woof woof 4
dog goes woof woof 5

If you have young children and are interested in bringing them for theatrical performances or other art and drama-related activities, you would want to sign up for the Esplanade's PIP's Club Member. 

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