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The Gift of Grandchildren

The best gift for our aged parents

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There are five love languages and one of which is expressing love through touch. I wouldn't call myself an exceptionally affectionate person, but I do enjoy hugs from my Husband and holding hands when we are out together. With young children in the family, hugs and kisses are the norm and they typically happen multiple times throughout the day. Somehow, touch has become the love language for everyone, even my parents.

Growing up, I most certainly would not consider my parents to be affectionate even though I am fully assured of their love for me. I think I can only remember a handful of times when my parents actually hugged me. But they most certainly enjoy hugs from their grandchildren!

With three young children, goodbyes have become an elaborate event. Each child will give each grandparent a hug and kiss before they leave our home. That makes a total of 6 hugs, at least. Sometimes the kids have so much fun, they take turns to hug each grandparent more than once. Sometimes, all three pounce onto one adult at the same time. Those moments are a wonderful sight to behold. There is just so much love going around and I can see my parents' aged faces glowing in happiness.

My relationship with my parents has been generally good through my growing up years. I would say that I have done them proud as a student. But certain choices that I made during my university years were unconventional, yet my parents had always remained supportive even though I know they did not always agree with what I did. I struggled the most during the two years after I graduated. Many times I felt I had disappointed my parents for having taken a rather deviant path after graduating with a degree. But their love for me is so immense that they remained silently supportive and have always been ready to help if I would only ask.

Putting all those years aside, today, I am a proud mother of three. I am so thankful that my parents are healthy and willing to help with caring for my children. When I see how much my children adore my parents, and the pure joy radiating from my parents' faces, I feel that at least I have done something right --

Giving them the gift of grandchildren

grandparents and grandchildren.

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Xuan W. Lee became a mother of three by the age of 30. After becoming pregnant with her third baby, she was determined to find ways to work from home while being the main caregiver to her young children. She was inspired and motivated to be a Mumpreneur and discovered that she could put her passion to work! She rekindled her love for writing and with a heart for all her fellow mummies, she has taken to documenting her motherhood journey which also serves as a source of encouragement and inspiration to other mummies.

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