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The Ultimate Productivity Bundle Review

Why you simply cannot miss this life-changing and ultimate cost-saving bundle!

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review of the Ultimate Productivity Bundle. Time management for busy moms. #planners #printables #ebooks #ecourses #productivity

I was introduced to Ultimate Bundles last year through the Genius Blogger Toolkit Bundle 2018.

My first reaction when I came across the Ultimate Bundle was,

Are you for real??

It was mind-blowing that there were so many incredibly useful blogging training courses and ebooks included in a $97 Bundle!

So many of the courses in the GBT Bundle actually cost hundreds of dollars, but I was able to purchase ALL OF THEM at only $97!

Best investment of 2018!

Why the Ultimate Productivity Bundle is such an awesome deal you cannot miss! #ultimatebundles #productivity #busymoms #planners #mombloggers

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Two months later, I succumbed to temptation again and got the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018 because there was another course that I really wanted to attend and the incredibly crazy deal was simply irresistible!

Over the NEXT FEW DAYS ONLY, you can also save TONS OF MONEY for these awesome courses, books, and planners to help you skyrocket your productivity for 2019!

I've had the privilege of having a sneak preview of the bundle and here are my honest reviews of my favorite courses and planners in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle!

You will also be happy to know that the Ultimate Productivity Bundle is MUCH MUCH cheaper than $97!

90-Day Personal Growth Goal and Life Planning System by Cassandra Massey ($37.00)

This course includes a 280-page printable workbook plus a video training course.

If you are looking for a positive change in your life and tremendously increase productivity, then you have to embark on this 90-day challenge!

It is indeed a planner that promotes personal growth and takes care of all aspects of your life!

This is probably one of the most comprehensive planners that I have ever come across.

The planner is structured in such a way that it forces you to really look into details of your life and it drives you to review and reflect on your habits, routines, and goals in order to truly achieve personal growth on top of increasing productivity.

The best part of this life-changing course is the inclusion of training videos that bring you through the planning system which definitely makes it so much easier to follow through this transformation journey.

Driven Women Grace Based Productivity for Christians by Phylicia Masonheimer ($98.00)

I have subscribed to Phylicia’s mailing list for several months now and I am so thrilled to find her course in this productivity bundle!

I had come across this course some time ago but because of limited resources, I wasn’t able to take up the course previously.

But now, I can enjoy this course at only $37!! What an ultimately awesome bundle deal!

It is easy to find various productivity training resources for women, but much harder to find those that come from a Christian perspective.

I am in awe of the many Christian women who have successfully balanced work and home and still maintain a strong spiritual walk.

Phylicia is such a wonderful lady to learn from! She shares much biblical wisdom and encouragement in her course and reminds us that there is so much we can achieve when we align ourselves with the purposes God has for us.

I would strongly recommend this course to all Christian moms!

Brilliant Baby Steps: Make the Most of Your Messy Middle for a Beautiful, Balanced Life by Beth Anne Schwamberger ($47.00)

I highly recommend this to all mom bloggers!

Our lives are so incredibly swamped with taking care of our kids, managing our homes and still running a business online.

We have so many tasks on hand and goals that we want to achieve, sometimes it can get really overwhelming!

This training course helps you break down your big goals into much smaller and achievable ones so that the road to success is less daunting.

If you would like someone to hold your hand and walk you through the huge task of organizing your goals and breaking them down, then you would most definitely benefit tremendously from the three-hour training video in this course.

I Heart Productivity Pack by Laura Smith ($34.00)

Last year when the Genius Blogger Toolkit Bundle was out, I contemplated a few days before deciding to buy it because I had just spent a huge sum of money on a blogging course.

I saw that Laura Smith’s “How to Create Printables” course was in the GBT bundle and it cost the same price as the bundle.

That made me decide that my investment in the bundle would be absolutely worth it because I can attend the course that I really wanted and SO MUCH MORE!

I love Laura’s simple yet very practical planners that always come with a pop of color. So you can expect my excitement when I saw Laura’s “I Heart Productivity Planner” in this Ultimate Productivity Bundle!

I love that the planner has a brightly colored design with a clean and simple layout.

The binder includes daily and weekly planners, printables for master lists and notes, and also to help you with goal setting and habit tracking.

If you are a fan of Laura’s planners or you are simply a planner junkie, then purchase this Ultimate Productivity Bundle is a total NO-BRAINER!

Beyond Blessed Life Planner for Christian Women by Ana Willis ($17.00)

This undated monthly and weekly planner in sweet pink floral designs with bible verses by the side will constantly keep you encouraged by God’s timeless words.

This binder also includes meal planners and kitchen inventory lists to help you get all your kitchen organized.

There is also a monthly spending tracker, books and bible reading tracker and a very useful cleaning checklist.

The Beyond Blessed Life Planner is definitely a beautiful companion for Christian moms to not only keep their days and homes organized but also to keep track of their spiritual journey with regards to prayers and scripture reading.

Life Management Binder by Heather Moritz ($24.00)

This 52-page binder indeed helps you to manage your entire life!

On top of the usual daily, weekly and monthly planner, it includes planners that help you keep track of your finances, bills, insurance details, medical information, school information and more!

This Life Management Binder is definitely designed with busy moms in mind to help us manage all aspects of our home and family.

If you love a bright and colorful binder, then you would most definitely love this!

Top 12 resources of the Ultimate Productivity Bundle. #honestreview #productivity #ultimatebundles #busymoms #goalsetting

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Perfect Project Planner: For Bloggers, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by Eve Tokens ($40.00)

The Perfect Project Planner is a minimalist, no frills, black and white planner designed with bloggers and small business owners in mind.

You don’t have to worry about using a huge amount of printer ink printing this 250+ page binder that will cover you for the entire year!

What I love most about this planner are the financial trackers and blog statistics growth. In my opinion, this is really important for bloggers and small business owners to keep an organized record in order to track business growth.

If you are a modern minimalist entrepreneur, this would be your ideal planner!

Productivity & Organization for Women by Cheri Chin ($49.00)

This is a course that requires discipline and commitment.

The course is designed to last you four weeks with daily videos to watch along with completing the weekly workbook.

Even though it seems like a daunting task to commit to attending the training course every day for four weeks, it actually isn’t that time-consuming.

Most of the videos are under five minutes, which means you probably need less than 30 minutes a day to watch the video and complete the tasks in the workbook.

You will learn about setting positive habits in your daily life, meal planning, cleaning up your house and how to organize your paperwork and email.

If you desire to declutter your life and get things really organized but have no idea where to start, this course is a wonderful resource for you!

10 Steps to Feel Motivated & Get Stuff Done by Heather LeGuilloux ($9.00)

This is a practical step-by-step guide to get your life organized.

The workbook is filled with so much wisdom and encouragement and practical tips.

The best part is, you can get started on improving your productivity RIGHT AWAY the minute you print and use the workbook!

Family Chore System & Planner by Mandi Ehman ($17.00)

Isn’t it great news for all moms if EVERYBODY in the family chips in to do the household chores?

It doesn’t only build a sense of responsibility in our children, it also cultivates in our kids a strong sense of belonging to the family since everybody plays a part in keeping the house a beautiful and comfortable place to live in!

The Family Chore System Planner is a very practical tool to help you assign household duties to everyone in the family!
What I love most about this planner is that it includes a list of age-appropriate chores that we can train our children to help out and take charge.

The printables in this planner will definitely keep your family and chores all well-organized!

Goal Setting 101: How to Set Goals as an Absolute Beginner by Nadalie Bardo ($49.99)

If u have certain goals in mind but don’t know where to begin implementing actions, then Goal Setting 101 is perfect for you!

This is a step-by-step guide to setting your goals achieved through eight lessons.

There are lesson-by-lesson walkthrough videos and a meticulously crafted workbook that will help you set your goals and implement them to achieve success!

The 2019 Success Designer Planner by Khaye Mydette Macalinao ($10.00)

This is a beautiful and feminine goal-oriented planner.

While most planners have only one page in the binder dedicated to goal setting purposes, the Success Designer Planner has multiple pages for you to plan out your goals in specific areas of your life!

If you are a goal-oriented person committed to crushing all your various goals at home, work and in your personal life, then this planner will be your best friend!

The binder includes daily, weekly, monthly planners, expense tracker and heavily emphasizes on goal setting.

Get ready to succeed with the Success Designer Planner!

Total value over $1500 for ONLY $37!

The vast amount of value jam packed in this Ultimate Productivity Bundle is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!

It is still early in the year 2019 to start making POSITIVE changes to your life so that come December 2019, you won't be lamenting at how time has been wasted or feel disappointed about how little you have achieved!

This $37 is hands-down, THE MOST well-spent $37 for the year 2019!

Exclusive For Mummies By Mummy FREEBIE Worth $50

If you purchase the Ultimate Productivity Bundle through any of my affiliate links on THIS PAGE, you will receive a free For Mummies By Mummy Productivity Bundle for FREE!

Here's what you will get for FREE:

Exclusive Freebie 1: Momtastic Planner 2019 ($25)

Momtastic Planner 2019 includes:
- 2019 Resolutions
- Daily Planner
- Weekly Planner
- Monthly Planner
- Useful Contacts List
- Grocery Planner
- Meal Planner
- Finance Planner
- Birthday Party Planner
- Christmas Party Planner
- The Party Planner

An honest review of my favorite 12 resources in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle #ultimatebundles #busymoms #momplanners #crushyourgoals #ecourses

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Exclusive Freebie 2: Kidtastic Planner 2019 ($12)

The Kidtastic Planner 2019 includes
- 2019 Resolutions
- Daily Planner
- Weekly Planner
- Monthly Planner
- Useful Contacts List
- Savings Goals
- Monthly Expense Tracker
- Daily Expense Tracker

Exclusive Freebie 3: Kids Day Out Planner ($4)

Kids Day Out Planner includes:
- The Great Outdoors Planner
- The Picnic Planner
- The Vacation Planner
- The Camping / Hiking Planner
- Roles & Responsibilities Chart
- Kids Day Out Fun Time Record
- Kids Day Out Reflections

Exclusive Freebie 4: The Cool Mom Travel Planner ($9)

The Cool Mom Travel Planner includes:
- Carry-on Packing List
- Carry-on Essentials
- Accommodation Planner
- Flight Planner
- Car Rental Planner
- Train Ride Planner
- Ferry Rider Planner
- Travel Budget
- Travel Wish List
- Pre-Trip Planner
- Travel Meds
- Travel Meals
- Trip Itinerary
- Travel Packing List

Simply email a copy of your receipt to hello at formummiesbymummy dot com to redeem the exclusive freebie when you purchase The Ultimate Productivity Bundle through my affiliate links on THIS PAGE ONLY.

Wait no more! The clock is ticking!

Disclosure: The links in this page are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission when you click through and make a purchase.

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