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Wait a While, Little Dearie

A mommy's heart for her little one

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Wait a while, Little Dearie

You're growing up way too fast

One day you were helpless

And the next you are running

My heart takes a leap

Each time you call me "Maa-Mee"

My heart grows warm and fuzzy

When you take unsteady steps to me

I see you every single day

I watch you sleep at night

Yet I still keep gazing at your pics

Swiping left and right

Your little giggles brighten my day

Your big tears drive me nuts

Your screams bring ringing to my ears

Still, I hold you close to heart

I brought you forth to this great big world

But it is you who gave the world to me

He who Blessed me with you

I wonder what He saw in me

A woman so weak, so flawed, so meek

Was given a gift of an angel

It didn't matter I was far from perfect

He gave me you to call my own

O, how I love your eyes and smile

Your tiny hands and feet

They hold my fingers, go pitter-patter

And my world spins round and round

O, how I love your soft, smooth skin

Your chuckles at my tickle

Your tiny little teeth sprouting

I'll never tire of your giggles

I insist you have a tiny dimple

Though not many would agree

But who else sees you as I do

Your beauty through and through

Nobody can say you're too fat or thin

You're as perfect as can be

I pray you will grow to remember

That your true beauty lies in Him

In His image you were created

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Your name He lovingly calls

Great plans He has for you in store

But hang on, dear mommy

Let's not get carried away

Big dreams are for the years ahead

Today let's laugh and play!

Wait a while, Little Dearie

Don't grow up all too fast

Let me enjoy you longer

Before you say, "Ain't cool, mom"

More kisses, hugs and cuddles

More tickles, giggles, chuckles

More pinchys, squeeshees, hi-fives

And hearing you say "bub-byes"

Grow up well, Little Dearie

Grow happy, strong and healthy

Just don't grow up way too fast

O, you know what I mean

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