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4 Big Lessons About Easter for Kids

And how my faith journey began

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Do you know how everyone has a particular occasion or a specific day of the year that holds exceptional significance?

This extraordinary day might not necessarily bring you great joy. Sometimes, it could be a day that reminds you of deep hurt or sadness too.

There is one particular day that reminds me of both immense pain and grief yet, at the same time, brings me much joy.

On the day of Easter 16 years ago, it was the day where it all began.

I was invited to an evangelistic event by a friend and at the end of the session, I prayed to receive Christ.

My parents were pre-believers and we were brought up worshipping idols. Yet all along, I have always known that there is a God out there listening to my prayers.

So when the opportunity came at the evangelistic event, I didn't hesitate to acknowledge that the immense pain and suffering that Jesus had endured on the cross was for me, for us.

It came easily for me to accept that unconditional love and grace, and I felt deeply comforted and joyful.

16 years on, my faith journey hasn't been dramatic, but it has been a journey of growth and discovery.

More importantly, leaning on God has been my main pillar of strength and comfort through my pregnancies and on this journey of motherhood. (Read: Pregnancy. A Faith Journey)

This Easter season is a reminder of how my faith journey began. It is also a time of thanksgiving and a wonderful teaching opportunity for my kids.

Here are 4 big lessons about Easter for my kids and yours.

the meaning of easter. lessons about easter for our kids #parenting #christianmoms #toddlers #kidsactivities

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1. The true meaning of Easter

Easter is also known as Resurrection Sunday. It is an occasion to celebrate the resurrection of Christ which took place on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by the Romans.

Easter is, therefore, a celebration of Christ's victory over death. (Read more)

2. The origin of Easter eggs

In many cultures, eggs are a symbol of new life and fertility. The tradition of painting hard-boiled eggs during springtime actually pre-dates Christianity.

For Christians, the Easter egg has become a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Eggs were formerly a forbidden food during the Lenten season. People would paint and decorate them to mark the end of the period of penance and fasting, then eat them on Easter as a celebration. (Read more)

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3. John 3:16

"For God so loved that world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

My purpose is not to evangelize, but I would love to share with you my personal faith journey. If you are interested, read on here.

Free printable Easter coloring pages for kids. #easter #coloring #freeprintables #printablesforkids #toddlers #preschoolers

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4. His love is unconditional

I think many of us have heard about God's unconditional love and grace. I would also like to put it in other words -- His love is non-discriminatory.

It doesn't matter what the color of our skin is, who our parents are, what schools we have been to, what kind of jobs we hold, how much money we have in our banks, or where we were born. None of these matters.

What matters is only that we choose to believe and choose to accept.

This amazing grace and unconditional love are free for all.

I find this message to be exceptionally empowering for young children.

As parents, we strive to love our children unconditionally. We give them our best and we have the best intentions for them, as much as we can help it.

Yet we cannot run away from the truth that we are not perfect.

And sometimes, we do struggle with loving our children with all our hearts, especially when we are physically and mentally exhausted. (Read: 3 simple steps to love your children unconditionally)

When we help our children realize that there is someone who is more capable than us in loving them just as they are, regardless of our moods and circumstances, it is an empowering message of unconditional love and acceptance.

It reinforces to our kids that even when we, the parents, are unable to summon enough outward expression of love for them, we can look to the Source for the outpouring of more love.

It also means that our children should never have to live in fear, worry or loneliness.

I certainly hope you find these lessons about Easter meaningful for your families too!

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Other than creating my own coloring pages and busy bags for my kids, I love looking around for printable activities for them too!

Here is a great place that I have come across and would love to share with you if you are also interested in printable activities for your kids!

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Spring is almost here! New readers will love to hunt for new words as they match these Easter words to the correct picture. Hop on over to for more reading activities just like this. 

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