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Why You Should Sell Your Own Products Online

4 reasons why you should be a product creator instead of just an affiliate marketer

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4 big reasons why you should sell your own products #momblogger #solopreneur #workfromhome #sidehustle #bossbabe

You must have heard so many testimonials of how people have earned through affiliate marketing.

Well, affiliate marketing can be a wonderful way of making money, no doubt. However, I am still a firm believer of selling my own products.

Here are 4 reasons why you should sell your own products

1. No one can take away your creation

Being a creator means you have the skills and imagination to put ideas into reality.

Creating your own products can come in the form of writing your own books, creating your own printables, building your own training courses, and producing your own physical products.

Even if some digital work found online might be subject to plagiarism, there is only so much a copycat can take.

In essence, nobody can truly take away your creations because you possess the qualities to not only create one product but AS MANY AS YOU WANT, WHENEVER YOU WANT.

2. You have complete autonomy

You have complete autonomy in deciding how your product should be designed, produced and marketed.
You can truly be YOUR OWN BOSS when you have ownership to original products that come from your own hands and brain.

If you own a blog or an online shop, you are the one who knows your readers and buyers best and, therefore, can create a product that is best customized to your audience’s profile and naturally build a huge demand for your creation.

3. You get to be the boss

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Yes, earning affiliate marketing commissions can be very attractive. Some companies pay their marketers an attractive 40% commission for every sale or even hundreds of dollars per transaction.

But the truth is, being an affiliate marketer means you will always be subjected to the rules of the company you partner with. That means things can change in an instant without you being able to exert any control.

Commission rates can be cut, product features can be changed, and payment modes can be modified.

Basically, you have absolutely no control over changes that may negatively affect your affiliate marketing business.

On other hand, you will not such a problem if you are selling your own products.
Furthermore, instead of being the one earning a commission, you can even start an affiliate program to get other people to market your products.
You get to control how much your affiliates earn while benefitting from having more people helping you market YOUR products.

4. You get to enjoy passive income and financial freedom

Yes, you can also enjoy passive income through affiliate marketing. However, because of the uncontrollable changes mentioned in the previous point, you can never truly be ‘free’.

If one day a company closes down, that could mean the end of one of your most lucrative affiliate marketing streams of income.

On the contrary, when you sell your own products, you can effectively build a big enough empire that is self-sustaining.
why you should sell your own products #affiliatemarketing #momblogger #wfhm #solopreneur #sidehustle #momblogger

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That will happen when you have built a huge and consistent traffic and raving fans who will make regular repurchases and even refer their friends to purchase your products.
You can literally not work and still have money going into your bank account every day!

Of course, if you want your online empire to last for years and years, you would still need to put in the effort to maintain and update your products. But remember, since YOU are the boss, you can hire help and still have more than enough in your pocket.

Now that you are convinced and you want to start selling you own products, but you don't know how to go about it. Find out more below!

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