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Work From Home: Tuition Coordinator

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I started searching online for work from home opportunities after I got pregnant with #3. In Singapore, cost of living is rather high and it's not easy to raise children. We have always lived within our means but with the third along the way, I was very motivated to look for work from home opportunities to supplement my income. So I signed up to be a tuition coordinator!

How you earn as a tuition coordinator: You earn 50% of the first month tutor salary. So if the tutor has agreed to take up the assignment for $250 per month, your commission is $125! That's $125 for probably 1-2 hours of work as per the workflow stated above! Fully workable from home with just a mobile phone and laptop/tablet.

How to find students:

  • Hire help to give out flyers
  • Put up free advertisements online
  • Get your friends to make referrals to you. If you are a parent with primary school going children, even better! Just ask your children's friends and parents! 

Advantages of being a tuition coordinator:

  • Enjoy absolute flexibility working from home according to your schedule
  • Can earn a few hundred dollars per month to couple of thousand dollars depending on how hard you work. 
  • High commission rate of 50% for every tuition assignment matched
  • Recurring monthly commission from our every tuition assignment matched. That's PASSIVE INCOME!
  • Extensive tutor database to access to look for the suitable tutor for your parent client. So as long as there's someone looking for a tutor, you are guaranteed a deal!
  • If you also give tuition, you can choose your assignments and earn the full 100% for the first month!
  • No need to meet anybody for sales call or sales meeting. Everything can be done with the phone. 

Considerations before being a tuition coordinator:

  • Business cost of about $90 per month as maintenance fee to access the tuition agency tutor database. But cost will easily be covered by commissions and recurring income accumulated over the months
  • No basic pay. Purely commission basis

If you are interested to be a tuition coordinator, please kindly email to:

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