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You are Stronger Than You Think

Encouragement for the overwhelmed new mom

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to Moms: you are stronger than you think. #momlife #mominspiration #wallart #freeprintables #inspirational

A baby crying for 45 minutes can feel like an eternity.

Waking up every hour to nurse the baby can drive you crazy with fatigue.

Having to care for a new baby all on your own for an entire day can be very overwhelming.

There have definitely been times when I thought to myself:

It was so much easier when baby was in my womb than now that he's out.

What have I gotten myself into, wanting to have a baby? I'm so not ready for it!

I can't seem to get things right. I totally suck at this mothering business!

The baby won't stop crying. I've tried everything. It's driving me insane!

Just as our muscles become stronger when we exercise and work them out, we also get better after each nerve-racking episode of dealing with a baby emergency.

Sometimes it feels like everything is an emergency. With each passing day, we understand our baby better and learn new ways of handling their fussing and crying.

Slowly but surely, we will get better at caring for our baby and also manage our own emotions.

Every manager will tell you that the toughest part of their job is managing people. Babies are certainly not an easy bunch to manage.

you are stronger than you think. #momlife #mominspiration #inspirational #christianmom #wallart #freeprintables

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It's understandable that we will have bad days when we get really upset with ourselves. But thankfully, our love for our baby is usually greater than all these challenges and we will always be able to bounce back to our feet.

Hang in there, dear mommy friend! The tears will dry, the wails will stop, the night feeds will lessen, the baby will sleep.

These bad moments will all pass. Keep your faith.

Keep summoning up more love for your baby and yourself! Just as our baby is really tougher than they look, so are we indeed stronger than we think.

God is our refuge and strength. Psalm 46. Inspirational quotes from the bible #biblequotes #inspirational #christianmom #momlife #printables #wallart
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