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Your Heart Grows Bigger

How a mother's love can keep growing with more children

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When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, I was very excited. I was excited about having another baby and also excited about my son becoming a big brother.

However, this feeling of joy was complicated with a sense of anxiety.

I started imagining what life would be like when #2 came along.

My first son would only be 21 months old.

I became worried about having to split my time managing my toddler and my new baby.

I felt sad that I would no longer able to give my toddler the exclusive attention that I had been giving him.

Above all, I was worried that my heart wasn't big enough to accommodate two children.

I felt my capacity to love was limited. I thought to have another child meant that I had to love my first child lesser in order to also love my second child. (Read: Learning to Love Unconditionally)

how to prepare for the second child. #newaddition #family #christianmom #parentingadvice

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Thank God, I was wrong!

When my new baby arrived, I felt the same surge of overwhelming love towards this tiny, helpless and most innocent being, just as I had felt when I first held my firstborn.

When my toddler came to visit me at the hospital and saw his younger brother for the very first time, it was so moving to witness my toddler hold the baby so gently, and patting him lovingly.

I then realized that my heart had actually doubled in size and that I was in fact, fully capable of loving two children so deeply. (Read: Encourage Sibling Interaction)

There is actually plenty of love to go around! God had indeed answered my prayer to increase my capacity to love.

With my third child joining the family, my heart grew bigger yet again.

how to overcome the anxiety of having the second child #parentingadvice #christianmoms #unconditionallove #newbaby

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I have learned that I could indeed love each of my children deeply, enjoy them individually, and appreciate each of their uniqueness just as how God has loving and specially created each of them.

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